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And the Award goes to...

BAM! Award season is here in Dubai and the ceremonies are coming thick and fast along with all the fancy trimmings only Dubai and a Christmas Turkey know how to pull off in style!The Boxtones have had an epic few months of attending fancy gatherings full of all of the movers and groovers in the Dubai entertainment scene and it’s been a rollercoaster akin to riding a barrel of fun over Niagara Falls. And just like crazy old Annie Edson Taylor in her battered Barrel we have been riding those falls in style! Gary decided that we should at least arrive at the Awards with class so for the last 6 weeks we have become favourite customers of Dubai Exotic Limos and the ‘pink bubbly’ shop (after all, Gill and I didn’t want to wrinkle our fancy clobber in RTA’s finest en route and not one Boxtone wanted to risk suffering that 1 hour limo ride parched of thirst)!

First up we were awarded the honour of being included in Ahlan’s Hot 100.  Sharing the accolade with a whole bevy of Dubai’s entertainment royalty (99 others to be exact)! We also hijacked the stage at the impressive Eden Beach Club and belted out some old school Boxtones classics from our last album ‘In the Pockets of Clowns’. After that it was time we let our hair down and enjoyed everything the free bar and live cooking stations had to offer. Lets just say it was a night of excess and we loved every minute. A massive hat-tipping to all at Ahlan for an incredible night where we met some equally incredible people!

Next up it was the Time Out Awards! Once again we pushed through the glamour carwash and popped out dripping in our finest gear ready to hob nob with everyone from international and local DJ’S to record label execs, producers, club owners, international events people and of course fellow musicians from around the globe. This time we were enjoying all the JW Marriot had to offer and thankfully Time Out knew us well enough to grace us with the naughty table so we could have fun without having to curb our sing along habits….after the awards were called…of course! We were lucky enough to have a great bunch of table neighbours in the shape of our Irish brothers from Universal – the very awesome ‘The Riptide Movement’ who performed a few of their catchy tracks on stage and shared a fair bit of blethering with The Boxtones.

Finally we were excited to be nominated for a second year by our good friends over at Hype Magazine! The Limo pulled up and we filled its plush seats with some great friends and family and then it was back off to Eden Beach Club for even more shmoozing with Dubai’s Elite! As well as this being a posh dress up affair, the caliber of people was unrivaled and we really felt as though we were in a room full of friends. The raucous roar around us when we were announced as WINNERS of the Best Local Band/Act category was deafening and we loved the awesome award in all of it’s sleek and shiny glory! It will definitely be nailed to a wall somewhere that we get a lot of traffic as this is one to be proud of!

To add to the excitement we were celebrating a triple victory as our label Universal Music Group Label WON Best Local Label as well as our brothers under the same label, Hollaphonic, WINNING Best Producer!

As if this wasn’t enough high browing we also managed to score a show performing for the Meydan World Cup with the ruler of Dubai - His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in the audience! It was a real honour to be performing at an event he attended, as we are all big fans of his awesome work in our home city!

Now before we disappear from the blogging world for another month  or two we have a teeny tiny favour to ask of you. 

Award season is in it’s final stages and we have one more Award Nomination we would really like to win!

The Ahlan Awards are now collecting online votes for your favourite band in the Best Local Music Act. The Boxtones can be found hiding in the nominees line up and we’d love to have your vote so if we can ask you to vote and share to help us on our merry way then we promise to film a big thank you live from the Awards ceremony on the night!

It’s the last Awards until next year so we’d love go out with a bang with the help of you lovely lot!

Here’s the link and thank you in advance guys, we always know you have our back and we really appreciate it! You’re the best!