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Behind Closed Doors

So we are always harping on and on about how busy we are and how we are juggling gigs, practices, writing sessions, band meetings and social media filming etc wah wah wahhhh!  What big babies we are. I mean, yes it does get crazy most of the time, but right now we are enjoying the ease back in to the season with a fair bit of time to do what we love on the side…and it is glorious. 

Now if you had to guess what we all did individually when we are free to do as we please, what would you imagine would be the past time for each Boxtone? Do you see Gary sitting doing 10,000 piece puzzles with a big fat cigar, Pat windsurfing with dolphins, Gill cross stitching little floral pillowcases to her hearts content, Will attending his Pointe Ballet class and me getting stuck in to my part time hobby of Taxidermy in the spare room?

If you did, then you’d be correct in assuming that…we would never partake in those lovely downtime activities…”what is wrong with you’? That’s not to mock those who do enjoy a bit of cat-stuffing or partaking in a puzzle conundrum (shameless use of that word just coz I love it). But if you really want to know what we get up to when we’re not absorbed by musical activities then here you go.

In his spare time Will loves to (shocker) collect Star Wars things…yes yes Will, we are aware you LOVE Star Wars but do you ever actually sit down and play with them? This is the question we all want to know. I’m pretty sure once Gill’s in the bath or off to the shops he sets up his little figures, does all the voices and re-creates his favourite Star Wars movies in his own home…Fess up Will, we all know it’s true!

When it comes to physical fitness, Will likes to join his fiancée Gill on a bike ride around the streets of Dubai. Sadly though, there is no “bicycle made for two” in this imagery - just a couple of mountain bikes loaded with ten-gallon water bottles to combat the dehydration from cycling in the desert heat. Other hobbies are cinema visits and on occasion he likes to don his favourite WWE t-shirt and watch these mammoth men and women thrash each other around in a big rubber cage. Each to their own Willy! Gill, being subjected to the constant commentary, likes to leave the room rapidly (this is probably when the Star Wars figures make an appearance – smooth way of gaining a two for one Will).

Rather than watching grown men in tight shorts wrestling, Pat likes to see them in brightly coloured, tight, body hugging jumpsuits. Seriously, what’s with these boys and their penchant for observing men in spandex? So yes, our very own Paddy is a raging Trekkie and as well as watching the T.V shows, he likes to make believe he is right there on the USS Enterprise by playing Star Trek online. Full on ‘Geeking Out’ seems to be order of the day for these two. And when he is not flying virtual space craft and defeating alien races online, Pat likes to watch documentaries and read books often based on the World Wars and history.

Gill on the other hand likes to get her own back on Will for all of the nights of listening to grown men growl and roar at each other on WWE by forcing him to watch good old fashioned horror movies. I personally love the stories of how Will reacts when he’s made to endure this trauma. It kind of mirrors how I feel. Firstly, whenever the apprehension starts to build and the protagonist does something stupid like descend in to the flickering electricity of the dark basement where there is clearly a demon-type murderer, obsessed serial killer or ghost, Will begins to exert the vocal competence of a teenage girl. As his pitch raises and his chattering speeds up, he repeatedly questions the actions of the (soon to be) victim. On occasion during the various versions of ‘Paranormal Activity’ he has been known to question (more than once) “why it is always night time”?  Obviously this constant chatter is a bid to calm his fears and keep him in the present, but the entire movie is still spent sweating with his eyes behind his palms! Back to WWE you go Will!

Now when she’s not terrorising Will with viewing mass-murder, Gill studies her photography course, reads fantasy novels like ‘Dragonlance’ and for the next 12 months is tackling the mammoth task of planning their wedding! Considering the wedding includes some horror movie-esque activities such as hatchet-throwing, we will all be prepared for Will’s girlie chatter behind his sweaty palms culminating with his hide and seek viewing! Can’t wait!

When it comes to me, I love a good granny-type pursuit to balance all the crazy in my everyday life. Scrapbooking, sewing and baking are a few of my favourite ways to while away the hours and every band meeting is accompanied by some chocolate and banana muffins or shortbread cookies…just because!  

I also like to dabble in a bit of genealogy and have managed to combine my scrapbooking with my family tree research…with that in mind this might be a good time to hint for a rocking chair and creaky porch for Christmas this year. I’m obsessed with books, love to write stories and aside from that I am also a bit of a geek and LOVE getting all my mates around for games nights. I’ll warn you incase you’re ever invited around - I’m a bit competitive and pretty much the undisputed champion of Articulate! Luckily, the guys love a bit of gaming too or I’d be sat playing Zombicide all alone trying to beat myself so that I win?!

I do tend to get a bit antsy stuck in the house and also need to get out to catch up with my girlfriends. It’s a necessity or I will go nuts. When it comes to getting out of the house I like to run, dance (often on the way out the door), I go to the gym or swim most days and when I’m home in bonny Scotland I do loads of hikes out in the green with my mates.

Gary is a tough one to pin down on his hobbies as he eats, sleeps and breathes music and The Boxtones, even in his downtime, BUT there are some things he likes to do when it’s not music time.

He plays pool religiously with his manly-men friends (no girls allowed) and I’m told (with no bias, of course) that he is the best of the bunch. He is known on occasion, to stay up for hours through the night on his VR being Batman and terrorizing himself with scary virtual reality games. He loves to collect every thing EVER to do with whatever board game is hogging our games night table and the result is our house is bulging at the seams. We are literally overflowing with 20 sided die, boxes of figures, game mats and of course every version of Dungeons & Dragons, Zombicide, Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly and Poker set ever invented! So you’re all welcome over anytime, just don’t forget the Doritos and...ahem refreshments!

So there you have it! Behind closed doors we are a pretty homey bunch and despite our collective past forays in to bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving and zip lining, we really just love a good night in with friends gaming and catching up…Rock ‘n Roll guys…Rock ‘n Roll…and with that said, I’m off to bed with my favourite book…ZZZZZzzzz

Peace out

The Boxtones