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Boxing Birthdays and Edible Bums!

Yay we made it through August and thank God it’s cooling down…even if it’s ever so slightly, we are all desperate for some more temperate climes. Alongside surviving the swelter of August, it was the second ‘Boxtones Birthday Month’ of the year and we managed to survive that too woop woop!

In the pink corner we had heavyweight drumming champ and birthday girl, Gillian Tierney and in the orange corner we had lightweight David Glennon practical joker extraordinaire! We celebrated Gill’s joint birthday with a good friend Mr. Irish Dave.  It was a very…shall we say…’alternative’ birthday bash due to the much anticipated fight between Mayweather and Mcgregor. We began our shenanigans at 6am on a Sunday morning munching a breakfast of champs, washed down with the good stuff whilst enjoying the fight and ended singing the infamous birthday song as the featured couple blew out some fires on a birthday bum cake - shaped to perfection by my own hands to ceremoniously add some silliness to the ‘Old Farts’ sharing their day of birth celebrations. Let’s just say there were a few sore heads the next day!

Talking of survival and celebrations, Patrick also had his own little celebration to attend and hauled his little French-Canadian butt halfway across the globe to stunning South Africa for his best friend’s wedding.  ‘How nice’ you may think, but seriously this is a friend with dedication. Pat literally flew (in his wedding suit with zero luggage) to arrive moments before the “I do’s” and then lived it up vicariously at the wedding reception only to try desperately to keep his eyes open long enough to head back to the airport and make the mammoth trip back to Dubai! We woke up to many cries for help across the cyber-web from a disheveled and broken Pat, at any chance he had to access the internet. All-in-all a risky but successful trip for our Hero Patty!

Now for some more musical minded news! Can you believe it’s been exactly a year since we released “Against the Odds”? To me it has that odd feeling of having been only yesterday whilst simultaneously feeling like a million years ago. We were sitting on our brand new unheard album and desperate to share it with you all and "Against the Odds" was the first to be heard. We had a ton of fun making the video and asking you all to come along and take part, so once again thanks to all who participated on the day and for those of you who bought the single and album for showing your support. If you still haven’t heard it then head over to iTunes and purchase it or even over to our Vevo channel and watch the video. And since we don’t want you wearing out your typing fingers I’ll do you a solid and leave the video link below…Enjoy!

Against the Odds music video:

It seems like perfect timing that exactly a year on we have already begun working on the next album and it’s an exciting process we will share more once we’re further down the line with it. So for now you will just have to keep on enjoying our album ‘Home’ until we are ready to reveal our newest effort. That’s all for now but make sure you check out our next blog in a fortnight as we have some tasty news just waiting to be spilled.

Peace Out

The Boxtones