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Bye Bye 2017 - NEW Blog from The Boxtones

It’s a brand new year and here is our brand new shiny blog. So plop yourselves down and grab a bite or swig of something nice whilst we keep your peepers busy for the next couple of minutes.

Now that we are fully established into the month of January we can look back at the last few weeks of last year and smile manically that we got through it all.

Christmas was a Boxtones family affair with all the right ingredients for the best kind of time you can have. There were visiting relatives and close friends, presents galore, food and drinks overload and excitable kids all over the shop! Additionally, our games stash was enhanced through gift-giving and this kept us all entertained despite our drink-swigging belly-filling that carried us through to Boxing Day! We really hope you all had as great a festive season as we did.

Swiftly following on the heels of ‘Santa Day’ we of course brought in the New Year with a whole heap of sparkle-wearing crazies at The Warehouse and saw the year out in style!

Looking back across 2017 it was another year packed with amazing gigs and incredible moments. Here’s a little recap of 2017 through the Boxtones eyes:


We filmed one of the favourites from our album ‘Home’: ‘Do I Look Like Somebody You Could Love’. In the music video for the track we ambitiously learned all of the words backwards and shot the whole video in reverse to tell the story of a couple who want to take their relationship back to the way it was in the beginning. Check it out here!


We met Tennis legend Andy Murray when we performed at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships! What an amazing night and a friendly guy Andy turned out to be.


Taking the title of “Best Dubai Act” at the Time Out Music & Nightlife Awards was an amazing feat! This month also found us winging our way to Oman where we performed a crazy fun gig at the Annual Canadian Stampede. And we found ourselves playing and munching our way through the 2017 Taste of Dubai Festival, which is always one to look forward to especially if you’re a foodie. And who could forget when The Boxtones supported Canadian icon Bryan Adams at 117 Live’s Autism Rocks Arena in celebration of Canada 150!


Well April in my books was an epic month, as it was the month I was zombie-munched by none other than Eugene Porter of The Walking Dead (Josh McDermitt) at the 2017 Middle East Film and Comic Con. A proud moment for yours truly. If you have ever met a Boxtone before, you will be well aware that our highlight of the year is attending the MEFCC!

Alongside Josh, we met Anthony Mackie of The Avengers, Liam Cunningham - Sir Davos Seaworth from Game of Thrones, Heroes and Star Wars actor Greg Grunberg and WWE Wrestler Kane as well as a whole heap of talented people in the business.

Will, Gill and I even bagged some original artwork from the creator of Muppet Babies! How cool is that? Almost as cool as winning “Best Local Band “at Hype Music & Nightlife Awards!


During May and June we all threw ourselves outwards across the globe to our families and friends and had the best time collectively in Canada, Amsterdam, Scotland, Italy and England. It’s the one time a year we get to completely wind down and see loved ones, so as always it’s a precious month off for us all. Also a big Happy Birthday went out this month to Will!


July we were all reunited and slowly but surely the song-writing process began once again in anticipation of a new album. We also called this Games Night month as we hosted a whole heap of them with our Dubai buddies as a way of catching up after the holidays.


In August we finished off recording our newest track at our favourite studio; SoundStruck Studios with our main man Elvis manning the soundboard. It was fun to be back in our second home recording some fresh music. In addition, we were signed up for another year of endorsement from the best mic makers, the one and only Shure! Cheers guys! Let’s not also forget it was Gill’s Boxing Bash Birthday too!


We then followed on with another Boxtone Birthday. Yes mine! And I made the cruel decision to drag these indoors-loving band mates of mine off to Atlantis waterpark to throw ourselves down some death-defying slides for the day.

Then to end the month, we did an epic all time favourite show for the US Troops at the USO here in Dubai. Always a pleasure boys!


This month was gig-tastic, with shows at our usual Lock Stock and Barrel, McGettigans, a one-off at The British Embassy, some cheeky little acoustic slots at The JW Marriott Canal-side and of course the uber-fancy What’s On Awards in Abu Dhabi.


So we started with another What’s On Awards ceremony, but this time in Dubai. We then loved every minute of performing alongside Oasis front man Liam Gallagher and The Chemical Brothers at the always-epic 2017 Party in the Park. It’s always an honour to be on the bill for such an awesome festival. We then ended the month with Gary and I heading along to F1 to see Mumford and Sons in concert whilst enjoying a little of the races and quaffing Champagne! Oooh lalaa!


Well what can we say of my favourite month of the year? We began the month with the legendary Dubai Rugby Sevens, which is always a top event in our calendar. We then rolled on through a mountain of gigs to the BEST day of the year; Chrissssttttmaaaasssss! Ending 2017 like everyone else cheersing loved ones through the bells from one year to the next!

That said, Happy New Year from us to you and with many exciting things already in the pipeline for 2018 we will wait for the next blog to enlighten you of our many Eviiiiiillllll Plans MWAH HAHAHHAHHAHAH!

Peace Out

The Boxtones