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Eye of the Storm

Well it may have only been a fortnight since our last blog but we are in the eye of the storm right now in regards to our musical output, so I thought I should take the opportunity to keep you all in the loop, before it loop-de-loops out of control!

Our first single with our label Universal Music Mena was released on the 2nd of September (click here to get your hands on the song: after much nail-biting and jittery stomachs the night before. Since then, we have had an overwhelming reaction from all sides. Excitingly, we very quickly made it on to some pretty cool lists.

Apple Music added us to some of their most viewed playlists, namely ‘Best of the Week’ and ‘The A-List: New Artists.’ In addition, the UAE’s premier streaming site Anghami pushed us up the ladder as ‘Editors Choice’!

We also snagged a radio guest spot on DubaiEye 103.8 with James Piecowye and Josh F. Williams at a ridiculous time in the morning for musicians! However, being the (ahem) consummate professionals we are, we made it. And despite the obligatory travel coffee cups and sunnies that come with waking and being active before 10am, we managed to string some words together on the single and our upcoming album release set for November 25th.

Now for those of you who are still on the hunt for our single, you can find it on all digital platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Anghami and a whole host of the usual music sites. The single is called “Against THE Odds”…make sure you don’t do a James Piecowye and search for “Against ALL Odds” or you may find Gary sounding scarily similar to Phil Collins! 

Also available is the chance to purchase our album “Home” in advance of the release date ( . If you pre-order “Home” you will automatically receive “Against the Odds” followed by our next single City of Mirrors featuring a local and international celebrity in October, and the remainder of the album “Home” on it’s release on November 25th.

Speaking of our second single release, we are scheduled to shoot our next music video next month too and it will be a far cry from our last shoot but the secret needs to be kept for now. But you can check out “Against the Odds” right here on YouTube, and maybe you will spot a few familiar faces popping up in the music video so see how many you can recognize.

Again, huge thanks to 815 Studios, MEI, Universal Music MENA, 117 Live and Diverse Choreography for joining in on the day as well as the huge amount of talent volunteering on the day to help make the video shoot so much fun. As Gary said in our making of the music video, there were about ‘150 people and 17 hours of recording’ in all, so hats off to everyone who helped out on the day once again!

As usual we are grateful for you all sharing and liking our posts. We are so thankful for the support received when you watch our music video and all our little mini-documentaries. So please keep it up, subscribe, like and keep on sharing and we will keep on writing and recording and keeping you informed on all of our news.

If you’re looking for live shows keep your ear to the ground and your eyes on our social media, as we have a whole heap of exciting shows almost ready to announce.

Peace Out!

The Boxtones