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​Greetings from a galaxy far, far away….

Why the silly greeting you ask? Well funny you should say, but that leads us nicely to our main blog topic of the day. 

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, when The Boxtones saw HP’s #AwakenYourForce campaign in tandem with the much anticipated latest Star Wars movie, we decided to jump on the Wookie train with all the ‘Force’ we had in us! Since we were all kids of the original Star Wars generation we just had to be a part of it and there was a certain Boxtone that took it extremely seriously.

As someone who has a Star Wars collection to rival that of Kinokuniya (and who named his cats Vader, Leia and Yoda) Will was delighted beyond belief to don the mask of his favourite galaxy bad boy, Darth Vader and play make-believe. The very kind ladies and gents over at Mr. Ben’s Costume Closet decided to allow us through their doors to rummage happily in amongst the swatches of fancy fabric in their professional Cosplay section. It was a heady mix of frantic sleuthing trying to find the right characters and sheer exhilaration as we all traipsed out of the changing rooms one after the other to the nodding approval and hysterical belly laughs of the rest.

We settled on Darth Vader for Will of course, Princess Leia for moi, Admiral Ackbar for Pat, Gill as the Imperial Red Guard and none other than his hairy greatness Chewbacca for Gary!

Hilarity ensued and many a befuddled glance or downright stare-athon by passers by was given as we jumped in to our roles and took over the streets of Dubai for a few short Star Wars themed clips.

So just in case you saw any Boxtones dressed as Star Wars characters running around the streets of Dubai, filling up on gas in the garage, riding a broom in the Geant cleaning section or checking out the latest consoles in Geekay Games, we thought we’d better explain ourselves.

First off we woke up early and headed off in to the desert to shoot a short movie all about the Force which was (for all intents and purposes) aptly located in the Limited Edition Star Wars themed laptop from HP funnily enough.

Changing our clothes in the van proved tricky but getting to an isolated location to shoot without carloads of onlookers stopping for pictures with us was even trickier!

Marching around in the heat and rare breeze and on extremely soft sand with heavy costumes, boots and full cloaks was a challenge, but poor Gary (or Chewie shall we say) had the short straw in all of that fur.

All in all we had a great time getting to play Star Wars for HP’s new Limited Edition Star Wars laptop release and if you fancy checking them out because you missed them first time round, or even to watch again just for laughs, then here’s the link:

Lastly before we sign off until March (already?) we wanted to shout from the rooftops about our drummer Gill’s awesome endorsement from the mighty Vic Firth: maker of the meatiest of drum sticks in all the land! A huge thanks to NMK Electronics Enterprises for getting this ball rolling and helping us with another major brand endorsement. Hop over to Vic Firth’s webpage and see for yourself the awesome write up on our very own drummer girl Gill Tierney. We’re so proud!

Well that’s it for now, but the busy season is coming up again soon so keep your eyes on our social media platforms as always for all of our upcoming gigs and appearances and have a great last couple of weeks of February… because people ‘Summer is coming”!  Let’s enjoy the cool weeks while they last.

Peace Out and ‘May the Force Be With You’

The Boxtones