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Hanging out with Liam Gallagher - No Biggie!

Whaaaaat? The Boxtones up there with…Liam Gallagher and The Chemical Brothers?

We can’t quite believe it and we’re not sure how to process it…BUT...well, of all the announcements we’ve made we can definitely pop this one up there as a top contender!  We are chuffed to bits to announce that we will be opening for Mr. Liam Gallagher himself on November 10th at What’s On Party in the Park at the Media City Amphitheatre so if you haven’t heard us shouting from the rooftops on our social media platforms then you now know!

Having the reputation he does, we’re not quite sure what a night with Liam Gallagher will entail but we have pretty vivid imaginations and are ready for all sorts. From what he’s been professing to the media lately it seems he’s chilled ever so slightly from his ‘Madchester Days’ but a chilled Liam is surely akin to a hyper everyone else, no? Either way we are excited to be sharing the stage with this utter legend. Whether you love him or hate him you have to admit he has made a pretty epic come back with his newest album release making waves all over the shop.

Liam’s role has always been firmly fixed as a front man/singer and despite previous penmanship for tracks written with his band ‘Beady Eye’, he hasn’t always been recognized as a hugely successful song writer (when sized up with his estranged brother Noel). That said, his new album ‘As You Were’ has been knocking that little age-old criticism right off of it’s perch. With tracks like ‘For What it’s Worth’ and ‘Wall of Glass’ Liam is causing a bit of a stir and we’re dying to see him perform live from the side of the stage right here in Dubai.

And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, we’ll also be having a big fat chunk of The Chemical Brothers to bounce around to. The Chemical Brothers are a little bit of a different direction for this usually band-heavy festival but it’s going to add an awesome twist to one of our favourite nights of the year and what an act to end with.

Now the other half of Oasis has been raving about his new favourite ‘up and comings’ - The Temples. We hadn’t heard of them before Noel’s comments, so we look forward to checking them out live.

In addition, local bands Jaye and Foe and Sam Tring will be up there on the sunny stage prepping you all for the big dogs, so make sure you get there nice and early so you can get a good spot and get some pre-gaming on the go in the many beverage selling spots dotted around the festival! It’s going to be an epic day and night as always.

Some of our highlights from previous years at Party in the Park have been:

- Razorlight hanging around at sound check to hear our set and making a point of coming over to say how much they enjoyed it.

- Seeing all our friends and family enjoying the show in the crowd.

- Kelly Jones of The Stereophonics moseying around us backstage.

- Sharing beers with The Charlatans in the Artist Village.

- Meeting the crowd, taking selfies and signing our CD’s.

- Checking out the Kaiser Chiefs massive gear rig in the flesh.

- Being invited to an after party where Kanye and Katy Perry were apparently attending.

- Holland Pancakes…always Holland Pancakes!

- Pile-ups in the VIP bar with Razorlight and The Parlotones.

- Singing our heads off to every lyric, of every Travis Song, we ever forgot, we remembered!

- Surprising the crowd during our set with our secret weapon, Graham ‘The Bagpiping Genius’.

- Leopard-print face paints (even for the boys).

- And of course, every band’s life blood; playing our own songs live to all our favourite people in the city we love!

So bring it on Party in the Park 2017, we’re ready to top it all this year…Who’s in?

Tickets available here:

Make sure you come seek us out and say hi on the day!

Peace Out

The Boxtones