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We’re back for another blog and DYING to tell you all about our fun gig with Bryan Adams at the Autism Rocks Arena with the very awesome 117 Live guys! 

First off, we were treated like royalty so hats off to 117 Live for really going the extra mile in making us comfortable. Our green room in the artist village was amazing and well stocked with treats, the sound techs and stage managers were top of their game and the organization was smooth as a smooth thing. We had the best time. We even managed to bag a meet and greet with Mr. Bryan Adams himself where upon Pat managed to mortify us all by grabbing Bryan’s botty… Wait…what? Did I really just say that? 

Well the story goes that during our photo op with Mr. Adams as we all huddled together for the shot, he asked “hey who’s grabbing my butt” to which Pat answered “yeah that would be me”. Creepy Pat strikes again! Oh Pat, never a dull moment in this band. We all had a laugh and then I’m pretty sure I saw Bryan covering his backside as he shuffled off to the main stage. Job done!

We then partied like rock stars in to the wee small hours and woke up in the slightly larger hours of 9am to go and sound check for Taste of Dubai. It was pretty much a weekend of music, food and as ever a modicum of mayhem with Hugsy Huggins, our co-conspirator on the main stage!

We feasted like kings around the various food stalls, enjoyed some rare tipples in the JW Marriott VIP tent and generally spent Saturday reveling in our only free time of the last three days. Food-wise the band favourites were the Dragon Breath balls, so named for the fact that they are soaked in dry ice first then given to you to chew immediately which makes you breathe out the dry ice until you resemble Smaug from Lord of the Rings. They were tasty little mango balls indeed but we were far more enticed by the photo and video ops than the flavor.  A clear winner though was the cheesy Arabic bread from Olea of which I’m not sure I can ever eat again since I pretty much ate my weight in it. However in my book no matter how stuffed you are there’s always room for some Holland mini-pancakes and Nutella!

Another exciting development is of course our collective and ever-looming annual trip home and each and every one of us have booked our shiny happy tickets back home to our motherlands. Never one to break tradition Gary of course has decided to stay right here in Dubai as usual and get to grips on some ideas for our next album, but more on all of that later. 

Talking of albums, ‘Home’ has well and truly made it ‘Home’, if you will. Our cloudy spaceman has made his way across the oceans to the UK and Against the Odds was given a UK release date of the 24th of February. As a result you may have noticed all of the airplay we have been receiving on UK radio stations nationwide - including BBC Radio Solent as well as some pretty awesome album reviews and press coverage. It’s been an exciting time for sure and we’re so happy to see the great reception we’re receiving back in bonny Blighty.

Ok guys before the writer’s cramp sets in I am going to let you be and save the rest of our news for the next blog in 2 weeks time.

So as always keep checking our social media for dates, shows and press releases and stay tuned for our next blog!

Peace Out

The Boxtones