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Hola Homies! - February Blog from The Boxtones

Well I don’t know about you guys but normally January is a pretty slow month. This year however it has whizzed by noisily like an airborne whoopee cushion! I normally welcome the down time for the first few weeks and then am desperate for a nice short February so we can hurry up and get to the better weather BUT…January has been pretty fun for The Boxtones.

And while we’re talking about fun we want to give a huge shout out to stunning Oman and it’s friendly inhabitants. We have just touched back down on Dubai soil after spending a speedy 24 hours in gorgeous Muscat for a Boxtones Show in the 5-Star Grand Hyatt Garden and it was awesome to perform for such lovely people…not to mention that we were treated like kings and queens during our stay. We will definitely be back sometime soon and for those who haven’t been, here’s a beautiful reason to visit. Check out that view!

More exciting news is that following our success at regularly writing for Hype Magazine, The Boxtones will be stretching our musical talents to journalism again and this February the 22nd you’ll find us published in Infusion Mag…Exciting times! Be sure to read about what's going on in the Dubai music scene every issue! Check out the current issue here:

Ok so now that we are firmly settled in to the month of LURVE, it’s safe to bring up the topic of Valentines. Yes I know it’s the birth baby of commercialism and you guys love to tell us ladies so, when you forget to bring us the usual offerings of chocolate and flowers BUT….how about an alternative to the schmaltz. A wicked fun night at ‘Lock Stock and Barrel’ with us from around 10:30pm whether you’re in a duo, a crowd or going solo. We promise there will be no cheese (unless you order the nachos) and we will also promise to get you up on the floor and singing along so that before you know it, it’s all over and you are either propping your banging head up on your palms and hiding from your boss or phoning in sick and enjoying take-out and Netflix in bed all day. You’re welcome!

Alternatively, if you love the cheese and schmaltz you can still have a chilled relaxing and romantic night by listening to or watching The Boxtones Valentines single “Do I Look Like Somebody You Could Love” on our Vevo/YouTube channel. Can you believe it's already been a year since we released this gem? Yup, we have pretty much got you covered this Valentines! Enjoy!

So until next time,

Peace Out

The Boxtones