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Live Long and Comic Con

Each year we patiently wait for Comic Con time to come around. It’s the one event in our bursting calendar that brings out the big kids in each of us. For Me it’s the nostalgia of all of the geek stuff from my childhood like Back to the Future, Star Wars, Studio Ghibli and the awesome Cosplay and of course the Monkey Cookies! For Gill, it’s the talented artists in the marketplace, Pat enjoys seeing the new generation of geeks and the talented comic book writers as well as pigging out on his most patriotic stomach fillers from Maple Leaf. For Gary, it’s the chance to get his geek on and peruse the place for Dungeons and Dragons pieces without being laughed at, and for Will it is of course Star Wars (need I even waste time typing that?)

Aside from all of those fun bits, another of our favourite elements of Middle East Film and Comic Con is the chance to catch up with our nuttier than nutty friends and fellow geeks over at ExtraCake and The Alliance. These guys are some of the very best here in Dubai. You will never meet a more excitable bunch in your life and it is infectious when you’re around them.  They are hardcore devotees to the Comic Con world and we are happier than the Cheshire cat to call them friends.

Each year they pull this event out of the bag. As the 5th Middle East Film and Comic Con was nearing they were busy planning all of the elements that make this the award winning event that it is. They were behind the scenes in all of the goodies you bought, the celebrity guests who were signing and holding fan and industry Q & A’s, the Skype interview with the AMAZING Stan Lee, the free Cosplay make up and competition, amongst a whole host of other bits and pieces that make it what it is. Big fat pats on the back for those crazies and let’s hope they are finally getting some shut-eye!

In the three years since we have morphed in to MEFCC main stage regulars, we have had nothing but laughs and adventures with this lot and met a whole host of amazing celebrities to boot. Seth Green, Max Landis, Clive Standen from Vikings, Taylor Kitsch, Sylvester McCoy, Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad, Miltos Yerolemou from Game of Thrones, Tony Jaa, Michael Jai White, Sam J. Jones, Gillian Anderson, Angelica Bridges, Hayely Atwell, Summer Glau from Firefly, William Shatner, Veronica Taylor, Nicolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones, Randy Orton the wrestler and funny man Nick Frost, as well as the Back to the Future legend Christopher Lloyd are all guests we’ve managed to mill around backstage in the VIP bar with between sets.

Here’s the moment when I managed to mortify myself by taking up the VIP freebies backstage. During a quiet moment I decided to get a manicure (and have the crick in my neck from sleeping on a too high pillow massaged out) by the lovely ladies at Tips and Toes, when in walks DMC of Run DMC who has been there discussing his awesome new comics ‘Darryl Makes Comics’. Of course Will never misses an opportunity when it comes to getting our photos taken and being the nice band mate he is he made sure I didn’t miss out whilst enduring the hardships of being pampered in the velvet throne! Needless to say I felt ridiculous during this snap but what can you do ladies when you’re mid-polish and rub!

If you have never been to Comic Con and were out and about in Dubai from the 7th to 9th of April, then you may have noticed a fair few people wandering around the World Trade Centre dressed in questionable attire. This year’s Cosplay competition was absolutely out of this world. There were full-on genius’s showcasing their imagination and talent with flashing LED’s built in to their costumes, pull out wings, vocal contortions and body paint and armor straight from Hollywood. But giving the Cosplayers a run for their money in the entertainment stakes were Stuee Kennedy and Max Landis hosting the competition with ridiculously hilarious banter that had me checking the side of the stage for Security to cart them off. The crowd were loving it!

As for us, we regularly enjoy the mental crowds singing back to us from the stage. We managed to air a fair few tracks from our upcoming album and the crowd latched on quickly singing the lyrics pretty much immediately with no prompting and even creating some pretty awesome signature moves to accompany us. I was handed props mid-song and we had a noisy and engaged lot right up until the last note of our last song. We can’t thank you all enough for the positivity and energy thrown back at us. And it was great to look out and see our freebies being scrambled for and worn all around the Con.

Next blog we will be talking about our fun Video shoot for our debut single.  We just received the footage back from our guys and we CANNOT WAIT to share it with you!

Until next time

Peace Out from The Boxtones