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Love is in the Air

Love is in the air or maybe it’s just a backwards flying bag of flour…who knows!  Sorry if I’m not making sense but it’s probably just a sleep deprivation hangover from the video shoot for our new single “Do I Look Like Somebody You Could Love”? Yup, we did it…swiftly following our Christmas tune, “Winter is Coming” we are releasing our first ballad and duet just in time for Valentines Day. We Boxtones are nothing if not timely on our old calendar customs!

So back to that flying flour…Hang on shall I start at the beginning or the end? It’s all getting a little confusing. I think I’ll start with the song-story and go from there. 

We had decided a while back that we wanted to write at least one duet, possibly not a love song or even a slow song but a duet between Gary and I nonetheless.  Gary came up with the music and a bit of a melody for the verse and then did his usual pass over to me to try and work in an angle for the lyrics and to come up with alternative melodies. He just wasn’t quite fixed on what he had written so far. I was having a bit of a creative lull so sat myself down and got my iMac to work in the hopes of sparking some inspiration. I ended up watching some behind the scenes footage of Amy Winehouse. She’s someone I rarely watch as it makes me immensely sad to think of her tragic story. However it did get me feeling. That led to the whole concept of our pursuit of human connection and in turn led to the title line of our next single. I thought that the question; ‘Do I Look Like Somebody You Could Love’ would be a great name for the track and message for the song so went from there.

Initially it was shaping up to be a song about the vulnerability of wanting to be loved and the self-doubt that hitches a ride along with it. Aside from the chorus line I just could not find any lyrics I liked and the song went through many facelifts right up until the day we were supposed to lay it down in the studio. 

Whilst Gary was setting up the mics with Elvis, I went in to the SoundStruck waiting room and completely re wrote the entire thing. In 5 minutes I did what I’d been trying to do for 4 months. I finally set down on paper the lyrics that felt were right for the song. It took it’s own path and ended up as a story of how two people can be talking to each other but really be unheard. So it’s a kind of lyrical domestic argument, if you like.

“Do I Look Like Somebody You Could Love” is ultimately a pretty personal song.  As you can imagine, being a couple who work and live together, as well as raise a kid, in addition to all of the other life stresses, can be emotionally taxing beyond the norm. It’s a burden on even the strongest relationships. At times Gary and I are the poster couple for stress. So we really drew from our experiences here.

The one thing Gary decided to add upon reading my efforts was the hopefulness of the word ‘Again’. I agreed but insisted it be the last word on our lips giving it the weight it deserved. We think the ‘again’ creates a nice shift in the meaning of the title line and a change in the direction of the song right at the last minute.

Following the quick and easy settle on the title, came the concept of the video.  Long before we even knew if it was going to be a single I told Gary that I thought it would be cool to utilize filming things in reverse. My daughter had become obsessed with video editing little skits with her friends and one of her apps enabled her to reverse her footage. It seemed an easy jump to use that technique to highlight how a warring couple may like to reverse their whole relationship back to a time when they were happy and in love. I liked the idea of a fight to get back, if you will. It would be a music video that started with the end and ended with the start.

Gary jumped on board literally. Even Emi, our energetic Filmmaker, admitted that Gary had created the most in depth storyboard he’d ever been given by a client. 

That detailed storyboard saved our sanity on the actual day of the shoot, no end.  We had a whole wealth of helpers on the day.  James Harris our stylist was on hand to help with finishing touches. We hired an amazing lady to do our make up. Her name was Katie Cousins and can we just keep her Gary? Pleeeease…It did cross our minds for all of two seconds to play the parts of the couple ourselves but in the end Gary and I thankfully went with professionals.  We managed to bag two convincing actors to sell us their souls for the day. So thanks to Kieran McKenna and Amelia Shreeve from Pinpoint Actor Agency.  You guys rock! It was a full day of tears, fighting, and complete carnage on the set and as much as they kept telling us they were having fun smashing and throwing stuff around, it really was, an epically long day for them.

Of course we had our favourite photographer Waleed Shah on hand to snap some candid background shots as well as a few of us wrapped up in our shmancey new togs. However the biggest thanks of the day go to the incredible crew at Photo Solutions who literally kept the momentum going for over 25 hours! Yup, 25 hours of constant lighting mathematics, creativity and of course the nightmare head games of backwards logistics on what were very tired brains at the latter stages of the day. The crew made up of Director Emiliano Arganaraz, Oliver Doran, Reinhard Bonfacio and Joanny Chamorro worked their socks off and literally took two tiny breaks in the full 25-hour shoot. We were totally overwhelmed by their enthusiasm for the project and Emi’s energy and creative spark knows no bounds. He is (quite possibly) a machine and I have no idea how he didn’t crash and burn after the first 18 hours or so.

The editing stage had Gary super excited. With Emi’s talent and expert knowledge and Gary’s proximity to the message we wanted to convey, we have come out with a video we are so proud of. The backwards relationship concept worked like a dream and the fun we had hurling things at walls and floors and each other, blowing feathers around with fans, smashing things off of walls and generally asking for a ASBO was what kept us going through the exhaustion.

And now it’s finished and sitting waiting in the wings for February the 10th so you can feast your eyes and tell us what you think.

We hear from a lot of you that “Do I Look Like Somebody You Could Love” is your favourite on the album so we hope the video does it justice! Keep your eyes peeled on all of our social media on the 10th of February 2017 for the video and song release and as always you will find the track on iTunes and all digital platforms as well as on our physical album ‘HOME’ which is available for a limited time in all Virgin Megastores across the UAE.

That’s all for now,

Peace Out

The Boxtones