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Love Songs, Fashion and Pancakes

So by now you will all have been made aware that The Boxtones have been named and chosen to support the legendary Sir Elton John on the Dubai leg of his 2017 tour. Sadly for poor Elton, he is in the throws of a nasty health issue so the concert date he held at 117 Live’s Dubai Autism Rocks Arena has been postponed until December 8th 2017. The Boxtones would like to wish the awesome Sir Elton a speedy and full recovery and we look forward to seeing him stage side in December.

As much as we were geared up and ready to go for the concert, it has given us a small respite, as I am afraid to say I have been diagnosed with chronic laryngitis and the beginnings of nodules on my vocal chords. This can be serious stuff for anyone, never mind a vocalist but my clever ENT Doctor assures me that after two weeks of no talking (or sadly, singing) and lots of meds that I will be back burning the ears off of everyone in my wake in no time. It’s been hard but the use of old school pad and paper has been invaluable, not to mention the clever tactic I devised for bothering Gary behind closed doors. I just whip out my phone, activate Siri and Stephen Hawkings the hell out of it! A little unnerving for him the first time I utilized this technique but job done! In addition, my preferred mode of attention grabbing is to clap loudly. And it is now known in my house that the louder I clap, the more seriously I need to be taken. It’s really quite effective despite the disgusted looks I’ve had whilst outdoors, from people assuming I have no manners. But hey ho, they shouldn’t be so judgey.

Now enough of all of that, because I have something way more exciting to talk about, shopping! Ladies (and not to be sexist, gents) hasn’t it always been a dream come true to imagine yourself walking around one of the largest malls in the world with a personal stylist and designer looking for new clobber? Well I can tell you that was mine and it came true last Friday!

After some covert coffee shop meetings with the uber cool James Harris, we have found a love of having a personal stylist. James has amazing credentials, working with some huge names in celebsville and for a while he lived next door to the talented if troubled Amy Winehouse. He also worked for a long time with his good friend and mentor Alexander McQueen who said of him:

 "A promising, talented young designer... and an alright geezer"

'Lee' Alexander McQueen.

Now if that wasn’t enough to convince us of his awesome talent then his concepts and ideas alone were the nudge in the right direction that we sorely needed.  This guy had some amazing advice and actually made such an impact on Gary that we all woke up one day to a beardless Gary. Granted I didn’t notice until around a day later (I’m on medication people) but yes it’s gone. To some of you, you will be sad to know it’s a goner but others will be happy to see the face monster retire for a bit. Then again, the rest of you probably don’t give a hoot!

So to get back to business (sorry I tend to get off track and run with it), it’s time I talked about our new music video for our upcoming February 10th release (just a bit before Valentine’s Day). The single is “Do I Look Like Somebody You could Love” and if you don’t have the album and as of yet haven’t heard it then you can probably guess from the title it’s a love song.

The Valentine’s release was of course based on that fact. It’s a very emotive story-song both lyrically and musically and was one of the first songs we nervously played to Universal. When we saw how excited they were about it, it was a little bit infectious. Since it was one of the strongest songs on the album we all knew right away it was going to be a single too. It’s a duet between Gary and I and we’re really looking forward to utilising our video concept for this one. It’s basically the story of a couple who are in the ruins of their relationship and looking back to try and find a way out of the maze of unhappiness they have found themselves in. And as depressing as that sounds, it is still, ultimately, a hopeful and uplifting song with great dynamic. It’s all about finding your way back to the beginning when everything was perfect and unmarred by life and time. We’re particularly excited about this track as it seems to be a firm favourite on the album according to the feedback and it’s one we’re really proud of.

We start recording the music video the third week of January and we love the creative concept for the shoot as well as the vision and dedication of the film company: ‘Photo Solutions’ in their excitement to get started on our project. It’s also the first time we will have used actors in any of our videos so it’s a nice new aspect to filming that we will really enjoy watching and having input on. As usual our budding film maker Gary built up an amazing storyboard based on my brilliant (if do say so myself) concept and then we all sat around and everyone contributed to how we could add to the basics and portray the feelings and colour of the song in to film.

So there you have it. You’re all up to date on The Boxtones news front. And now I’m off to enjoy some pancakes!

Peace Out

The Boxtones