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Months of Merry Madness!

Woohoo! It’s almost HOLIDAY TIME! 

But…before we leave the scorching burnt shores of sandy Dubai for greener pastures and wetter lands, we thought we’d have a quick look back at what we’ve been up to since we last departed the UAE for home.

In August we found ourselves flinging ourselves through the skies on a little tin plane heading for the unknown as we embarked on a short spell of Tuesday evenings in the beautiful garden bar Seven Sisters, Beirut. We had no idea what to expect but were excited to see somewhere new and based on all we had been told, the Lebanese people know how to party in style. It was true on all accounts and we are hopeful we will get back to play in beautiful Beirut again some time soon.

With September came the release of our single ‘Against the Odds’ and it’s music video. It was a nerve-wracking and exciting time. We’re happy to say that ‘Against the Odds’ is still making waves and was chosen as one of the top 3 tunes reviewed by BBC Radio bosses in the UK, as well as being given a UK Chart release date.

October followed up with the release of ‘City of Mirrors’ and our silver-themed music video.  We had so much talent on the set including the amazing dancer Angelis Karaseva who wowed us all with her unbelievable skills. If you need a reminder check her out here:

Next up we had an epic month in November performing alongside The Charlatans, Travis and The Kaiser Chiefs at Party in the Park. It was amazing to share the stage with those guys and we had an awesome time enjoying watching them all live from the VIP bar...wink wink!  We also scored a front cover photo shoot and article with Hype Magazine, which was loads of fun and to top it off our album ‘Home’ was released alongside the music video for the title track. It was a busy month but a good one, so thanks November!

Santa month as I like to call it…(ok I’ve never called it that, but may very well do from now on) brought with it a whole bag of goodies. We had the crazy mental Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens gig, an amazing tie in for the infamous ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ brand where we were featured on their playlists for ‘Home’ and also ‘That’s Christmas” and lastly we released yet another single; our Christmas track ‘Winter is Coming’ which incidentally was the track we featured on the previously mentioned festive playlist…Phew!

January: New year, new news and it was a biggie! We were named as opening act for Elton John…but Sir Elton was poorly and now we will have to wait until December 2017 to grace his very large stage and open up for this musical legend. Gary also managed to bag his Mesa Boogie Amplifier endorsement. He was beyond excited at the partnership but what’s this… the endorsements didn’t stop there!

In February Gill followed suit and Protection Racket UK endorsed her whilst at the same time providing very cool and very protective travel casing for her much-loved drum kit.  Weyhey for cool new goodies!

February continued to roll out the good times when we found ourselves part of a huge UK radio air play campaign. We were interviewed daily, sometimes twice a day, by radio stations all across the UK from top to bottom including the very prestigious BBC Radio 2 Solent. At the same time our single ‘Do I Look Like Somebody You Could Love’ was released and we were proud to show the world our fun backwards love story music video too. Check it out here and get your head around the fact that Gary and I had to learn the vocals backwards to make it work! Warghhh!

March brought Bryan Adams to our doorstep and we managed to share a joke and a picture with Canada’s greatest over the Canadian 150th birthday weekend, so Will and Pat our Canuck band mates were feeling all nostalgic with that one.

We also managed to WIN the much-coveted Time Out Award for ‘Best Dubai Act’!  What a night and what a buzz!

Along with the Easter Bunny April brought us our favourite event Comic Con and with that we hung out with Avengers star Anthony Mackie, WWE staple Kane, Greg Grunberg from Star Wars, Liam Cunningham from Game of Thrones and many more, including a Boxtones highlight - a cheeky bite from The Walking Dead turn coat Eugene Porter (known in real life as Josh McDermitt)! The fun didn’t stop there as we then went on to hob knob with the greatest in the entertainment industry of Dubai at the Hype Magazine Music & Nightlife Awards. We walked…or should we say swayed home (with a side stop at Bob’s) carrying another awesome award  ‘Hype Magazine’s Best Local Act’.

It’s been a heck of a year when we add to that our verified accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, a following of over 100k on Facebook and lastly a Tom Cruise punch in the air when we received a tweet from none other than Gordon Ramsay saying “I love @Boxtones. I’m back to Dubai next week. Can’t wait…we’re going skiing!”

Well we’re suited and booted and waiting on the bench in Ski Dubai Gordon…ready when you are!

Ramadan Kareem when it comes, and have a wonderful holy month wherever you are.

Peace Out

The Boxtones