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Music Overload - New Monthly Blog by Louise Peel

First of all… a final release of breath after perhaps the most hectic month The Boxtones have ever seen, and secondly with fingers to keyboard I will attempt to recount all of the madness of the festive season for you. So pour yourself a coffee or tea, grab a biscuit and settle in for a wee storytelling session.

We generally do rush around squeezing in a lot, but December had our Google calendar looking like a painters palette. There was an explosion of colour and overlaps everywhere. We had around 26 gigs over the month, sometimes two a day and often along side the full day sessions in the studio recording our upcoming album. Let’s not even mention the Christmas shopping, visitors and mince pies we had to squeeze in around that.

It’s safe to say we were all existing on borrowed hours, catnaps, dry hair shampoo, and Costa Coffee shares for the entirety of most of November and all of December! But as always it was a fun ride.

Now even although it sounds like I am half complaining despite all these late nights and double gigs, we do very often get to experience some pretty cool stuff through this job.

F1 weekend in Abu Dhabi, partnered with the amazing concerts thrown by our good friends over at Flash Entertainment for Du Arena, is always one of those gigs we count down to and despite the sleep deprivation and driving back and forth to Abu Dhabi more times than we could count, it is one that always has us grinning from ear to ear the entire time.

In 2014 if you remember we played in the Arena prior to the mighty Pharrell Williams and then the following evening before The Who. Now that was AMAZING!

This year however we managed to take on the F1 track too and play for those watching the races during the day and then hop skip and jump over to the Du Arena to perform before Enrique Iglesias on Friday, Florence and the Machine on Saturday and Blur on the Sunday!

Of course it was exciting for us to get to play our new tracks live for our upcoming album too. We were able to see how the crowd would respond and we were chuffed to bits to see everyone dancing and clapping and generally enjoying our unheard tunes. It’s such a good feeling to see strangers really getting in to the music after all the hard work and insular part of the creation process. To finally get to share what we have done was great.

Now it was one thing getting to hang out in the VIP Mahiki bar backstage with the likes of Dannii Minogue, be gifted free boxes of the most delicious baked goods known to man (thanks Monkey Cookies) and sit knee to knee with Pixie Lott to enjoy Blur BUT… to share a drink and a laugh with the legend that is Rick Astley was quite frankly just too much for a Boxtone to take. What a guy! We were prepared for his Peter Pan-esque young boyish looks (what sorcery is this when the man does not age?) but certainly not for his cheeky banter which had us cracking up and choking and snorting in to our shmancey cocktails. The result is we are now even bigger fans of the 80’s quaff haired legend. Although I have to say that I was disappointed when dancing with Lisa Scott Lee of Steps that I didn’t see Ricks baggy suited shuffle dance make an appearance! Next time Rick…next time!

Moving on now – we have a lot to get through!

Rugby Sevens! Well what can be said about Rugby Sevens? In fact what is safe to say about Rugby Sevens? As an institution of all sorts of shenaniganary (my new word invention!) the Sevens is unrivalled in Dubai and most likely any Sevens worldwide I would wager. It is perhaps one of the easiest crowds we play to as everyone is just ready to be bossed about and told to ‘sing back, put their hands up, shout, dance’…whatever is asked of them. As major fans of Dubai Rugby Sevens anyway it is always a fun gig to play!

Of course the costumes and actual watching of Rugby do come in to it too and we have a brilliant time scanning the crowds for the best-dressed attendees.

Now we can’t forget to give a big shout out to all of you who supported and backed Gill in her bid for Emirates Woman of the Year 2015. We had a huge response, which just goes to show that we have the best fans on the planet and we want to thank you in buckets and spades for sharing the love. It was a tough category and although Gill didn’t win, she and Will managed to get glammed up to the max and enjoy an amazing night at The Address Montgomerie Dubai, whilst hob-nobbing with some pretty influential and inspiring ladies just like herself on the night. So once again massive thanks to you all from Gill and the rest of The Boxtones for getting behind her, sharing and voting.

Now I promised an epically sized blog but I’m pretty sure your coffee/tea is either frozen cold or drained dry by now, so I will save the rest for a later date.  As we have so much to share including a month’s worth of Studio recording gossip and snippets as well as an amazing New Year show and some exciting collaborations, we will make this a two-parter! So keep your eyes peeled for the follow up in two weeks time.

We want to just send out a big fat THANK YOU for the last year’s support and wish you all an amazing and outstanding 2016!

Peace Out from

The Boxtones