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Ok, so let's get straight to the BIG STUFF!

As you are probably aware, we have been building up to the launch of our long-awaited album ‘Home’. As of the 25th of November it will be available for release across all major platforms and to those of you clever people who pre-ordered, you will have it pop right on to your iTunes account immediately on the day of release. How nifty is that? Now I know a few of you have been asking where you can buy an actual physical CD, and never ones to leave our fans wanting, we can confirm that they will be also be available to purchase! So keep in touch with us to find out where and when you can grab one.

As for the album itself, it’s been a culmination of 2 years worth of hard slog and of throwing our heart, soul and sanity in to this project! It’s a whole other kettle of fish from our last album and we really hope you appreciate the eclectic mix of songs we’ve written. Each track has so much of our journey over the last two years imbedded in to it’s lyrics, music and style and we are immensely proud of our output and proud of how far we have pushed ourselves in pursuit of our end goal. It’s not always been easy! We missed our one chance to visit friends and family back home by giving up our annual holiday to write the album in the first place and then recorded the entire thing during our busiest month last December. Looking back, this was insane! It backed us up with double gigs followed by every day possible spent in the studio singing until our voices snapped and playing until our fingers were numb, but it was worth every bead of sweat, every hour we deprived ourselves of sleep and every stressy snap we made at each other. We are so happy with the songs and are really attached to them. We just hope you all find a few favourites and enjoy them for all of their diversity. After all, that is the whole point in being an artist for us. Creating something that we hope people will find some connection to.

On ‘Home’ you’ll find both “Against the Odds” and our latest track “City of Mirrors” featuring Two Tone, alongside a whole bunch of upcoming singles and all the catchy tracks you heard at Party in the Park last week.

While we’re on that subject, we want to say a very quick but very BIG thank you to everyone who came along to see us perform our new album at this year’s What’s On Magazine’s Party in the Park. It’s a triple hit for us as this is the third time we have performed there, but this time we snagged a pretty cool time slot right before international Indie band The Charlatans followed by Travis and lastly headliners The Kaiser Chiefs. In addition some of our favourite local acts were there to keep the stage rocking throughout the day including Adam Baluch, 13 Daze and Tim Hassall. There was a real camaraderie amongst all the bands and sound crew and a palpable buzz throughout the day’s sound checks and performances. As always, we were treated like kings and had THE BEST DAY EVER! Thanks again for another knock out Party in the Park! We can’t believe it’s all over for another year already!

But we won’t stay sad for long! We’re far too excited for that.

It may seem like we are constantly releasing singles, announcing we’re playing at events and most recently staring up at you whilst you’re supping your morning coffee from the front page of your Tabloid in Gulf News or popping out at you from the front page of your Hype Magazine. And yes, we could be accused of stalking you on all major platforms but…we’re hoping you are not calling out for the restraint orders just yet because we really want to hear what you think of our album ‘Home’. Feel free to tell us and make sure you put a mahoosive red ring around the 25th of November so that you can remember to download the album and get learning the lyrics for our next big gig! Thanks for keeping up with our news and as always thanks for all of the immense support. 

So here’s the date again just before we go and just incase you need reminding! Get ‘Home’ by The Boxtones on iTunes, Apple Music and all major digital platforms as of the 25th of November 2016! And that’s it!

Peace out,

The Boxtones