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Party In The Park with The Boxtones!

So we’re back and this time with a ‘mini’ blog. Since you always have to put up with my long-winded ramblings I thought I’d throw you a break and attempt to be concise and get to the point this time!

As bands go, we do work incredibly hard to get to do the cool gigs that we do and when the pay off comes it’s all worth it. So as you have probably seen, if you’ve been anywhere near our social media platforms, this Friday the 11th of November we will be performing at one of those gigs. Yes my friends, it’s Party in the Park Time!

After three years of becoming a staple on stage at PITP (as us lazies like to call it) we’re becoming veterans of this lovely little shindig. In the past we’ve shared the bill with Lily Allen, Richard Ashcroft, The Parlotones, Razorlight and The Stereophonics, to name but a few. This year we have a few extra reasons to be excited about the line-up!

Thanks to What’s On Dubai and Hype Magazine as well as Greg Dufton and Tim Derry, we will be hobnobbing with a bunch of fellow Scots. Yup the lovely chaps of Travis will be gracing the stage with their catchy sing-song tunes and you will definitely hear us joining in from the wings or chanting along up in the McGettigans bar with our buddies!

In addition to Travis, I will be bopping my head 90’s style to my teenage favourites The Charlatans with a belated but smug little nod in my mother’s direction. To get to the point as an…ahem ‘underage concert-goer’ back in the 90’s I managed to wangle a ticket to see The Charlatans on two separate occasions but as a result of having an eagle-eyed ‘nothing pulls the wool over her eyes’ mother, back in the day I never actually made the concerts. Let’s just say I was caught for minor misdemeanors of a teenage variety and grounded with those golden Charlatans tickets snatched out of my grasp and exchanged for a dishcloth and duster in homebound community service for my naughtiness! Yup I know it shocks you to hear I was a rebellious teen but I paid for my sins and now I get to relive my teenage dream of seeing the mop-headed Charlatans live!  And I even get to open for them! Who would have ‘thunk’ it?

In addition to Travis and The Charlatans, the headlining act is a winning choice if you’re expecting the crowd to be united and going off with big energy and chanty lyrics. The Kaiser Chiefs will be last on stage whooping us all up in to a frenzy for the remainder of the night. And since we have pretty much covered half their set list over the years, we will be joining in the revelry with gusto.

We are also excited to hear our good friend DJ Stu Todd will be bashing out an awesome set for your dancing feet and 13 Daze, Tim Hassall and Adam Baluch will all be gracing the stage from mid-afternoon too.

The Boxtones will be on stage sharp at 4.30pm right before The Charlatans, so make sure to get yourself parked right up there at the front so that we can see your happy faces during our run around the big stage. We will be performing our new album “Home” in it’s entirety for your pretty little ears, so you will get a sneaky little listen to all our tracks before the album is released on the 25th of November too! That’s our little thanks to you for all of your awesome support.It really is a great venue, awesome acts, an amazing event and has a lovely European vibe now that the weather is cooling down. We guarantee you’ll have a great time!

Ok…I promised it would be a short one so that’s it. That’s all you’re getting for now! So do whatever you can to be there at Media City Amphitheatre on the 11th of November and make sure you come and say hi as always.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there! Peace Out!

The Boxtones