​Reflections on City of Mirrors

So when we were faced with choosing a second single to release from our newest album ‘Home’, it was a tough decision. Which one of our babies would be put out there in to the big bad world next? The one we decided on was perhaps our most random song on the album, unlike any of the others. So why choose it? One main reason we decided to pop “City of Mirrors” out following “Against the Odds” was the fact that we have a special someone featuring on the song and we were so excited by the collaboration and how it changed the track that it pretty much made up our minds for us!

Behind every song is a story. They always say write from experience and “City of Mirrors” is pretty close to the bone for me and I’m sure most of you can identify with its message. It’s a song about new beginnings. It’s reflective of the sheer adrenaline, nerves and excitement of stepping off the plane into a completely new sensory experience and being ready to embrace it. It’s that feeling when you are ‘champing at the bit’ for whatever life is going to throw at you. You feel alive; you’re taking chances and are excited for the unknown and all the changes in you that those new beginnings will bring.  It’s pretty much about self-growth and the rewards that come from being brave in your life choices.

As someone who has had the luck of starting off new life chapters based on each of the many countries I have lived in, I can say without a doubt that it was a total trip down memory lane. It made me tap in to all of the times I have touched down somewhere new and exciting and wondered what was in store for my life’s journey next. It’s addictive to believe you have a chance to start over and that’s probably why it’s been a big recurring pattern for me. Pat felt the same and had this to say about our collaboration “I really love what ‘our guest’ did with that chorus of his, I recognize some of my own path in the story he depicts.”

Another main fixture in the song is the representation of the City itself and the fizz and crackle of electricity that Dubai has in spades. Certain places have an energy all of their own, and whilst this can be said of most big cities like New York and London, Dubai has this uniquely futuristic outlook where anything feels possible. It’s reflected in the incredible glass and steel structures all around and represented by this huge modernistic metropolis bursting skywards from the ancient sand dunes of the UAE.

The modern feel was echoed in the actual song structure. When Gary came up with the concept for the actual music he is not ashamed to admit he took some inspiration from…wait for it…Justin Bieber himself! Yup, you heard it here first, Justin Bieber people! I don’t really have any words to say on that other than…NOPE, I don’t have any words!

Will took the lead from this futuristic city and managed to incorporate a pretty innovative piece of equipment to match the style of the song, saying 

"I finally got to show off my newest addition to my keyboard infantry; the Roli Seaboard Grand! Keeping in line with the new album sound”. The Roli is completely made from silicone and looks like a giant bumpy yoga mat, but the technology behind it’s sensitivity is most impressive!

Lyrically it was a challenge for someone like me who likes words and uses a lot of them, in real life (sorry guys) and also lyrically. The melody doesn’t lend itself much in the way of lyrics, so it was tough to get across the imagery I had in my mind with the limited text I could squeeze in to the melody. It was like writing a novel in a Twitter post! 

So that’s it guys, the story behind the song.  I think we will leave it there, with a quote from Gill, “City of Mirrors is a bit of a wild card, it's a dancier track but I think it'll have a wide appeal. It was fun having a certain local celeb in the studio collaborating with us, which gives the song another dimension.”

You’ve probably been wondering about the featured artist we have alluded to and although I can’t really reveal who he is yet, I will say this; he has added an element to the song that we could never achieve and inviting him to feature was the right thing to do for the track. We can’t wait to hear your comments on our ‘wild card’ song. It’s a definite departure from the rest of the album but we had fun recording it, collaborating and shooting our latest video.

Release date for “City of Mirrors” is the 21st of October, so keep an eye on our social media posts for the ads and info on all our upcoming tracks. Don’t forget you can still make a pre-order for our album ‘Home’ now in anticipation of it’s release on November 25th 2016 on iTunes.

Peace Out

The Boxtones