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Saying Sure to Shure

Looking back over the last year it has had many a highlight for us, most notably a record deal from Universal Music Group MENA. In addition, one of the most exhilarating for me, was receiving that surprise phone call from NMK Electronic Enterprises to tell me that Shure microphones were so happy with what we were doing that they would like to offer me an endorsement deal.

It was a huge pat on the back for all of our efforts as a band since leaving behind the comfort and (some would admit) the monotony of 6 nights a week contract work, and acknowledgement that we did the right thing for us. 

But more than that, it reminded me of a time we were slogging away in Bahrain trying to work a full time contract and at the same time write an album. We contacted so many companies for endorsement and it led to sweet nada! Yet here we are a few years down the line after a move to Dubai, a few new members to the band, a (tiny) bit older and (debatably) wiser and finally we are recognised for the backlog of effort endured. Now Shure are actually knocking on our door to offer an endorsement deal and it feels great.

For those of you not in the know, Shure microphones are arguably the best and most reputable microphone company in the world. They are constantly adding to their arsenal of products with futuristic qualities and always with top of the line spec and customer service. If you have ever been to a live gig, either in your local bar or in a huge arena, chances are the artists were using Shure.

The list of endorsees is staggering: Maroon 5, Alice Cooper, Smokey Robinson, Imagine Dragons, Erykah Badu, Mumford and Sons, Sheryl Crow and perhaps most wonderfully Weird Al Yankovic…YES!!!! So last year I was added and we are grinning from ear to ear to announce that as of this week the endorsement has been spread to the entire band! Woop woop!

Now not only are Shure claiming a stake in our achievements, but our favourite piano man Will was announced as ‘Artist of the Month’ by none other than creators of that sexy red beauty – the Nord! Nord are known for top of the line keyboards that stand out in the signature bright red design and look and sound incredible on any stage! 

Here’s the link to Will’s Nord article for a further look:

But while all I can tell you is how pretty it is, you might want a little more detail on it’s amazing spec so here’s a short snippet from Will himself:

“This beauty is making a nice fit into my ‘space station’ of keyboards. When I want to manipulate the sound of 100’s of pianos, easy!! All in all, it’s lightweight, portable, and comes complete with rich sounds that are constantly being updated on Nord’s official website (free to download). Happy boy am I!”

Now being the good sort that Will is, he also offered to take his fancy Nord on a road trip down to Gems Wellington Academy for an Open House Seminar with our good friends at NMK Electronic Enterprises.  He did a great job representing The Boxtones, Shure and Nord by entertaining the little folk and perhaps persuading a good few of them that by learning an instrument they can gain some pretty awesome skills and maybe….just maybe they could be as cool as him! 

Will Janssen inspiring the next generation, one kid at a time! Go Will!

We know this has been a pretty tech-heavy blog but we are holding our tongue about some amazing upcoming gigs until we are allowed to shout it from the rooftops, so you will have to bear with us. 

Next month also sees us head in to the studio to record our very first album under Universal Music and you can definitely expect a slightly new sound in comparison to our last album, but that my friends is all we’re saying for now!

Thanks for listening and we’ll see you from the stage soon!

Peace Out,

The Boxtones