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Shiny New Award for The Boxtones

Just when we thought our Spring couldn’t get any better it ‘sprung’ us a pretty brilliant surprise. Hot off the heels of meeting Andy Murray at the Dubai World Tennis Championships Players Party and opening for Mr. Bryan Adams, we’ve only gone and won another award!!!

Yay for us! Generally as a rule, we attend all the awards ceremonies that we are invited to (why not?) and we like to do so in unabashed Dubai-style. We get all dolled up (yes, even the boys), we hire a shmancey limo to take us there, we stock up on the Champers and invite some friends round to swallow a few before we leave. It’s our tried and tested formula and we quite enjoy it thank you very much. We never take it all too seriously and just always plan to have a great night in great company and if we win something then ‘awesome’ but if we don’t we still have a great time hob-knobbing and dancing and sloshing yummy food and bubbles down our necks!

This was our plan at the very prestigious Time Out Dubai Music & Nightlife Awards. Gill wore a very glamorous black outfit which nearly needed it’s own stretch Hummer, Will donned his cowboy hat and kilt combo, Gary dusted off his Ralph Lauren and neckerchief (ooh lala), I added the metallics to the pallet with my uber-shiny, gold pleated maxi skirt and Pat bedazzled us all with his red sequined shhhhmoking jacket and intricate tie mastery! We gathered and enjoyed some Bolly before jumping in the stretch limo and crooning along to Lonely Island in unison whilst snapping as many cheesey selfies as we could muster in the short journey across town.

Once we arrived, we were ushered in to the pre-drinks room where we found the ‘Who’s Who’ of Dubai hanging out looking extremely dazzling and beautiful.  Everyone had really gone the extra mile and looked amazing, so hats off to you gorgeous bunch! Next up was the tasty three-course meal. The table was stowed with melt in the mouth steaks and for us veggies a nice creamy ravioli followed by a dessert of chocolate orange cigars… people. Did you hear me? Chocolate… Orange… Cigars! Who thinks this stuff up? Utterly and ridiculously divine and also very good for silly photo ops!

As I said before, we were in some great company with a lot of great friends around us. The talented Clarita De Quiroz and fellow nominees: Abri & Funk Radius, Adam Baluch, Afro Nation, Arcade 82, Hollaphonic, Jamie Wrecs, Jay wud, Khalifa Thani and Vandalye. Then we had all of our friends from 117 Live, Stereo Arcade, McGettigans, Promo Seven, you name it and they were there. And of course hosting the event was our buddy Tom Urquhart was right there on the podium giving us some of his very best banter across the mic.

I know it’s a cliché but we really did not think we would be up on that stage in front of all those people accepting the ‘Best Dubai Act’ award, but that’s exactly what we did. Our section was filled to the brim with talent and equally great people so it was anyone’s guess in our eyes. However once these words were uttered “The winners of Dubai’s Best Act 2017 released an album in 2016 and are signed to Universal Music” our entire table erupted and we only just heard the call out “THE BOXTONES” over the raucous din they created. We had only a few seconds to spare hugging our families and friends before we were catapulted up on to the stage to accept our super cool awards. Check these bad boys out!!!  So pretty and shiny!

After that, the night is a blur of Cirque Le Soir & Cavalli Club madness, hand shaking and hugging, dancing and drinking. The night wasn’t all glitz and glamour though. We may have arrived in a limo and been dining on the finest cuisine Time Out had to offer but the night ended with RTA’s finest cabs and a short stop to KFC. So much class! That said it wasn’t long before we all woke up the next day nursing our tender heads and thanking everyone for all of the congratulatory posts and comments. We were feeling the love guys so thanks a bunch.

Before we sign off until next time, here are a few pics of our award-winning night ;-)

Peace Out

The Boxtones