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The Boxtones are on a winning streak and Comic Con Bites Back!

Holy Guacamole guys! 

We are still in shock at our big WIN. We managed to take home the much coveted Hype Award for Best Local Band/Act and we are still buzzing! What an amazing surprise and an EPIC night. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the guys over at Hype and this was such an exciting accolade to bring home. And did you SEE that award…its pretty shmancey indeed and will look gorgeous hanging in our studio for all of us to cheesily grin up at whilst we are recording the next album. It even has a sister award from 2015 when we took home the same title. We know the girls (we haven’t named them yet) are going to be so happy together side by side and we’ll be sure to take a family picture and post it up soon.

Aside from the lovely shiny prize we brought home from the event we had a night that was hard to top. Thanks to all our buddies for tagging along and supporting us as always, you’re the best. Thanks for suffering all the sore heads from the free booze and sore voice boxes from the shouts of excitement when the announcement was made and we realized we’d won! Thanks to everyone back home and those who couldn’t make it out who send us all messages of support and congratulations. Thanks to James and Maxine and of course the lovely Carol for getting behind us 100% and joining The Boxtones Team. We are so excited to have you guys on board and are excited to see what is in the future now that we have our very own dream team! And thanks to everyone of you taking the time out to read this and follow us and listen to our musical ramblings.            

Now unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 4 years, you will be well aware that The Boxtones love Middle East Film and Comic Con more than the average bear! We are literally obsessed with this hive of Geekdom, fandom, weirdness, eccentricity and of course the human element which comes direct from the awesome attendees as well as the organisers. Seriously guys, these little worker bees who bring you one of the fastest growing most successful and exciting events in the Dubai Calendar are little magic-makers wrapped up in smiley, happy creative shells and we are always the better for spending time nerding out with them. When they bumped heads together to bring us MEFCC 2017 they did what they do best every year and knocked it out of the park once again.

Now let’s see, where do we start? Well right off the bat…(pardon the pun, Lucille), this year at MEFCC they bagged one of the most frustratingly watchable characters from everyone’s favourite Zombie show – The Walking Dead! Yup we all know and love Dr. Eugene Porter in all of his mulleted self-serving glory, no matter how often his loyalty wavers and changes to aid his survival in the post apocalyptic Walking Dead World. I have to say I was pretty awestruck at being face to face with someone I was literally screaming at on TV a few nights before in frustration but…in real life Josh McDermitt was far from the bumbling, socially inept Eugene and in actual fact was pretty charming and full of mischief as you can see from my favourite snap of the month! After agreeing for a picture with yours truly I politely popped my phone away to carry on chatting only to be told “Oi I wasn’t finished yet” followed by a pretty cool second selfie whereby he decided to do his best Zombie impersonation. I didn’t quite have time to ask whether this was a nod to Eugene’s future next season however. 

One cool character we happened to have a chin wag with, from another of The Boxtones favourite TV shows was none other than Liam Cunningham perhaps better known as Sir Davos Seaworth from Game of Thrones. He was a pretty chilled guy and despite his Welsh accent on the show he has a lovely Irish lilt in real life!

As you’d imagine it was a total hive of activity in the VIP room this year with celebrity interviews and shenanigans happening all around but Will managed to give some good inside tourist info to none other than Anthony Mackie – The Falcon from The Avengers. 

And as he is almost as obsessed with WWE wrestling as he is with Star Wars he had to do a double swoon when the lovely Laura took him in to meet WWE superstar Kane, a long time hero of Will’s and Greg Grundberg previous star of Heroes who as it happened played Snap Wexley in Episode VII The Force Awakens and Rebel Pilot Jek Tono Porkins in Rogue One - A Star Wars Story.

In addition to hanging out with tinsel town greats we also snagged some pretty cool original artwork from some notable artists speckled around the Con. Will and Gill met Rod Thornton from Angel Comics and received an epic pencil drawing to add their already bustling wall collection. I also had a really cool chat with Guy Gilchrist, the creator and animator of Jim Hensons The Muppet Babies, who also worked on such 80’s staples as The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Fraggle Rock and The Pink Panther comics. He drew me an awesome Miss Piggy Baby whilst I stood and watched the master at work. I wasn’t done there and managed to bag a signed Beauty and the Beast print from Mike Toth an animator and artist who worked on Disney Classics Aladdin, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tarzan and other 80's classics, He-Man and She-ra! 

So ok yes we may have met a lot of cool industry giants but lets not forget our favourite team behind the scenes. They are equally as deserving of our awe. These guys are the best! Check the end of this blog for some snaps of the movers and groovers behind our best-loved event!

Ok I think we’ve pretty much jam packed a whole heap of stuff in to this fortnights blog. The next will have a hard time keeping up so I’m off to try and generate some interesting news. Until next time…

Peace Out

The Boxtones