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The Boxtones Making a Mighty Splash

Holy Mackerel this has been a super quick month but it’s been a great one for the calm before the storm for us. October always signals the beginning of the madness and as we have some pretty major shows on the horizon our coming workload is going to be mega.

So how did we spend most of September enjoying this rare down time you may wonder?  Well for a start it was my birthday on the 10th and as we spend most of our lives in bars I decided to go ‘kids birthday style’ and force my fellow band mates in to their swimmers for a thrill-inducing day of terror, hurtling ourselves down death-defying water slides at the very shhmancey Atlantis Aquaventure park.

Now I really had to work at getting these Boxtones out of their comfort zone and in to the daylight. Gill was convinced she would spontaneously combust in the over 40-degree September sun, Gary and Will were equally concerned for their skin-to-bone ratio after a day out in the Dubai blaze and Pat…well Pat hadn’t been to a water park since 1986 and let’s just say he was in shock to find out that there were more than two slides to be enjoyed, never mind the fact that he’d be hurtling past some sharks on one ride and be completely airborne free falling down another. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

To be fair to the guys, once we got there they were on top form and all worries of skin grafts and death by slide were eradicated once we were water logged and squealing like little pink piggies! We were weirdly delighted at being thrown down giant plastic tubes that had us upside down, inside out, green, pink and bright red by the end and it was AWESOME!

As much as this whole day had been my idea, it was the guys turn to get their own back on me when they led me to the topmost point of the park and initiated the Happy Birthday song which in turn led to the entire queue behind them joining in and clapping as I teetered on the edge of terror at the scariest ride. This meant my back up plan was ruined as since they had gathered a lot of attention I couldn’t simply turn around and scurry back down the steps in failure, unnoticed. Therefore they…ahem… FORCED me to do the aptly named “Leap of Faith” which was a horrific episode of flinging yourself off (for all intents and purposes) a sky-scraping waterfall where your entire body comes off the slide and thumps back down only to be ejected like a bad curry at the bottom whilst infiltrating your nostrils at a rate of knots with jettisons of chlorinated water. Nasal irrigation I like to call it!  Although thanks for that because it was AMAZING! I will definitely do that one again! Pat, who had been equally as terrified as me, was in agreement that it was a highlight of the day.

Now that we were well-watered on the outside, we headed straight to Barasti where our waterpark throw-overs wouldn’t offend. It was another kind of watering we did there and considering the outcome was a late night trip to Bob’s for some pineapple salsa Snapper and pies and chips…you can guess the state we were all in by the time we reached home!  All in all, a successful birthday so thanks to everyone that joined in the fun. I’m already looking forward to Gary’s Birthday as I found a perfect activity to get us all out of our comfort zones again! I do love a birthday!

Now that said, just as the birthday celebrations were over, Gill and Will decided to make September TERROR MONTH! It’s NOT Halloween yet guys!

Yes, in this band we are all weak and easily bullied in to doing things we really don’t want to by each other. Peer pressure is a real thing guys…even as an adult!

First up we all trekked down to Novo Cinemas to watch the remake of Stephen King’s ‘It’ last week and let me tell you, I have the ‘sunken in to the floor of the chair, hand over eyes, full on body popcorn jumping’ manoeuvres down to a tee after that visit. Gill was in her element delightedly laughing at mine and Will’s pain the entire movie. Will’s consistent chatter and commentary of “NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOO” was all that could be heard interjected by my high pitched squeals at the unexpected frights, as we were the only ones in the cinema. This definitely added to the freakiness of it all. We came out of the cinema a shadow of our former selves and with a sudden need to have the light on at bedtime…so yeah, thanks for that Gill.

Next up, the frights were not over…why do I allow myself to get in to these situations?

On a trip to Dubai Mall, Will and Gill had something important to ask my daughter Rosie and I, and of course being Gill and Will they couldn’t just sit around a nice afternoon tea and politely hand over a card to ask us to be her bridesmaids…Oh no…they decided to terrorise us further by dragging us through what in actual fact was the Saw/Amityville/Texas Chainsaw Massacre Haunted House for a sanity-checking 15 minutes where my reality checker was lost in space and my imagination was king of the world!

Rosie decided to tearily decline in favour of a Cheesecake Factory dinner, but on the promise that I be in the middle, hand in hand, like the little school kids in ‘It’ (this likeness was fresh and not lost on me at this point) we entered ‘Hysteria’.

Now being someone who is currently paying a fortune for vocal coaching to get my voice back after an injury, I’m not sure this was the best place for me to be exercising my chords.  From the get go we were screaming the place down as chainsaw-welding bald men chased us from behind, creepy little Annabelle doll girls jumped out from tight corners in front and ghostly ladies lying in dark rooms with their innards beside them sat up suddenly and reached for us in the eye straining black of the Haunted House. It was horrific, scary as all hell and by the time we burst out of the claustrophobic corridors in to the artificial lights of the mall again with god knows what running at us from behind thankfully stuck inside, I was collapsed on my knees at the front entrance, hyperventilating and trying to steady my breathing and stop my hands from shaking like an Ikea wardrobe! It took a good twenty minutes to get back my motor skills in order to shovel my dinner in my panting chops and reliving it was hilarious. At one point since we were all holding hands in single file we ended up like a knotted necklace as I was pulling backwards to get away from the chainsaw guy behind, Will and Gill couldn’t find the door out of the room in front of us so we completely tangled and just stood there screaming at each other in a huddle of inaction. Good times!

Phew, ok so now that all the thrills are over…for now. We have to get ourselves ready.  We’re gearing up for the better weather and the outdoor gigs that we look forward to annually.  We’ve snagged some of the best shows this coming Winter and we’re looking forward to having you all come join in the madness from October to April. It’s shaping up to be a super busy time for us again.

Additionally, we want to tip our hats to our buddies over at 117 Live for bringing out the ‘Big Guns’ this season. We have them to thank for bringing The Gorrilaz, Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran and Sir Elton John to our shores. It’s going to be an epic run for sure.

That’s it from us this fortnight but we will be sharing some awesome news next time, so be sure to check out our next blog in two weeks time.

Peace out

The Boxtones