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Tools of the Trade and Valentine's Shenanigans

Hello all of you lovers out there,

Let us be the first to offer you belated Valentine’s greetings. Yes we know we’re late but better late than never. So whether you’re a Valentine’s hater or a Valentine’s mate’r…erm what? We thought we’d let you know how we spent the day. 

Gary and I never really celebrate this holiday but we decided this year to set a nice example for our daughter and purchased some brilliantly crass Valentine’s balloons and chocolate hearts for our 11 year old in an effort to show her that love is not dead in our cynical home. She of course loved it, and happy that we’d achieved our outcome we then ceremoniously dumped her on the nanny and headed out for some much needed adult time. Our idea of adult time included a posh nosh up at Asia Asia along with a few cocktails, and a bottle of their finest to ease us in to the obligatory awkward view of a million forced couples eyeing the cheque and debating whether to be modern couples or old school chivalrous gents and spoiled ladies. After 11 years together we pretty much devoured our food devoid of manners, swigged our drinks in between raucous laughter and went off on the hunt for some like-minded friends to make a night of it with.

Gill and Will went the home route. Being an avid cook Gill whipped up a storm of a three course meal ending in raspberries and chocolate mousse I believe and they popped the cork on some vino to help let the good times roll! As always Will failed to keep his prop cupboard out of the game and the outcome as you can see is pure unadulterated silliness!

Talking of letting the good times roll, it’s worth mentioning that Pat had a pretty wild time at home with his favourite feline friend Jerry. It was a romantic meal for two of Fettucine al Salmone and the finest dish of Royal Canin for young Sir Jerry! Touché Pat…touché!

That said, we want to move on and say a massive thank you to everyone for the support on our latest video release for ‘Do I Look Like Somebody You Could Love’. We’ve had an epic response and the amount of you who shared our music video and commented all over our social media has not gone unnoticed. You guys are the best! It’s been an exciting time for us since we really enjoyed the video shoot for this one and we know from a lot of you that this is a favourite track on our album “Home”. If you haven’t seen it or are yet to share then here’s the link:

Now in order to make all of these songs, a musician has to have the tools to work with and although the old adage goes that “a good workman never blames his tools”, we have to say that it surely helps to be endorsed by greatness.

We have been hardworking and lucky enough to have been blessed in that area.  Three years ago I was endorsed by the magical microphone makers of Shure, it was an amazing experience and as you have all heard me chant many a time I LOVE my gift of the KSM9. It’s my favourite little workhorse! The following year, Shure stretched that endorsement to cover the entire band, so you can regularly see our hoard of Shure products at every live show and recording opportunity and this is the part of the reason for our professional sound. Hot off the heels of the Shure endorsement came Will’s partnership with the legendary and world renowned Nord Keyboards and this saw Will featured as an artist of the month on the international Nord site.  This was a major accolade to our keyboard loving Will.  And because he just doesn’t have enough keyboards (this is sarcasm for those of you who have not seen Will’s obscene stash of ivories) he also took on the exciting new features of the space age like features of the Roli Seaboard. This is a silicone board, which is so clever that the slightest variation in your touch of the keys produces a whole array of sounds to play with late in to the night.  Following Will’s keyboard haul Gill found herself approached by Vic Firth and has since been toting her pretty drum sticks all over the UAE from gig to gig and loving it.

Now we were happy bunnies with all of these toys but it seems that the generous ‘Gear Gods’ are not finished with us yet as Gary was ecstatic to get his first endorsement by the mighty MESA Boogie, makers of amps and pedals for guitar loving folks. Gary popped down to the NMK offices to sign on the dotted line last week and had this to say about his new partnership with the makers of his chosen amplification racks:

“I’m delighted to be part of the MESA family - Love these amps!”

Nice one Gary: Short, concise and sweet as ever!

But we can’t end there as in the same week as Gary signed with MESA Boogie, Gill received word that the very cool guys over at Protection Racket had decided they wanted to endorse her too. Protection Racket quite possibly have the best logo in town. A bald, goateed and shade-wearing dude looks out from all of their clever cases and carriers for all things drum-related. Rock and Roll imagery at it’s finest! She is super excited to join the family!

So a big congrats from the rest of The Boxtones family to the guys for all of their hard work paying off and resulting in some pretty cool partnerships and fun times ahead.

Now talking of cool partnerships, we had an exciting time in the run up to Valentine’s Day. We were asked to put together a play list of Rock and Roll’s greatest love songs by industry giants Apple Music. We quickly picked a bunch of suitable love songs that we felt still had that Rock ‘n’ Roll sensibility and the playlist was released just in time for the big day. You can check it out here: The Boxtones: Rock n Love Playlist

On that note we will head off for now and save our other news for the next installment, where we will be telling you all about our campaign to travel across the seas, Viking-style, invading the homeland with some Boxtones tunes and antics. 

Here’s the link to our album ‘Home’ on iTunes where you can purchase it or simply check out the singles one by one - whatever floats your boat!

Peace Out

The Boxtones