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Video Shoot Recipe - The Boxtones

1 yellow desert

3 members of the 815 Studios Camera Crew

1 Nicki Minaj Concert Stage (courtesy of the generous guys over at 117 Live)

A large helping of Diverse Choreography dance kids

Some helpful mums (always a bonus)

2 very troublesome gents let loose (Stuee Kennedy and Hugsy Huggins)

2 hot lady singers (Fatiniza and Esther Eden)

1 very talented Mr. Waleed Shah working his camera magic

A sprinkling of Greenfield Community School kids

A whole array of friends and family

A bunch of very bendy Diverse Cheerleaders 

2 hilarious Dubomedy Comedians (Ali Al Sayed and Mina Liccione)

2 nutty Scots in kilts playing the Bagpipes and Bodhran (Graham McKay and Iain McKenna)

1 additional lady snapper (Alexandra Neschetna)

1 make-up artist (Jenny Irons)

1 Burger Fuel van

And lastly, cook on a high temperature all day long under a baking hot sun turned up to max!

Talking of cooking, Gary certainly took that part literally!

We arrived to the shoot super early after a good few days of rotten cloudy rainy weather akin to a Scottish summer. However it was clear this day was not about to follow suit. After the first hour, despite lathering ourselves in sun cream, we noticed a slightly elevated colour on the cheeks of our leading gent. Less than an hour after that, we weren’t sure if he was about to spontaneously combust or just help light the stage later that evening…but luckily Gary made it through the desert heat whilst still singing, playing guitar and maintaining his cool for his part in the music video for our debut single ‘Against the Odds’.

For anyone wandering out in to the desert that day…first of all ‘Are you crazy? It was a million degrees’! And secondly you would have been treated to a puzzling view of a rabble of all ages and nationalities, all wearing matching shirts and marching through the dunes to loud music, repeatedly, over and over…and over again!

As an amateur film student, Gary has spent many a spare hour teaching himself the ropes of movie making, and if you were to ask him what career he would have explored had he not been a musician he would answer without flinching “film”! So as a testament to his ever climbing ambitions and the addition of his love of movie making, Gary decided to test the guys of 815 Studios by requesting that they shoot the entire video at more than double the speed and in 2 continuous shots. The rhyme to his reason is that once slowed to the original tempo of the song we will all be moving in slow-mo but our lips and the cheerleaders dance will still be in time to the song! Simple but clever and very effective was the aim.

After the desert portion of the shoot we then took the main stage that the night before had hosted the legendary Nicki Minaj. The generous guys over at 117 Live threw in some free tickets for us to enjoy the Nicki show as well as allowing us use of her HUGE mammoth stage, lighting rig and the yummy on site Burger Fuel truck. Without all of those, the day would have been way less impressive, visible or yummy so a massive thanks from us for the support shown to us from them. 

Once the sun had set we said goodbye to many of our awesome helpers and prepared for the second half of the shoot. The lighting guys from Protec did a stellar job of illuminating the incredible cat-walked stage and those of us who were dwarfed up there on it’s mammoth proportions. Despite holding a bunch of cheerleaders, a 6-person choir, a full 5-piece band plus a bagpiper and bodhran player and 6 little dancers, there was still enough room to cartwheel the length of it. 

By the time we wrapped and nailed the winning take, we were all resembling top students of the famous Walking Dead Zombie School. It was almost midnight when we waved off the last busload of extras, packed up shop and headed home to our well-deserved beds. We planned to quite literally sleep for the next 24 hours and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what we did once we rinsed off all that sand!

Having seen the video in it’s finality I can tell you that you all looked AMAZING and with so much going on all around it’s a feast for the eyes. You will no doubt enjoy spotting yourselves and your friends if you took part. The entire day and night was full of hilarity, fun, sand, sweat – hopefully no tears and definitely a fair amount of sun tanning and burger munching along the way.

We have to say again a huge, HUGE thank you to all who showed up for the filming. As anyone in the business knows, video shoots can be filled with long waits and hang outs punctuated by small sections of action, so hats off to all who came and took part. We can’t thank you enough. You literally made the day for us. Big high fives all around and pats on the back! 

We can’t wait to share the finished product with you all soon.

So make sure you follow us on all of our social media to find out the release date and first airing of the finished music video and then SHARE, SHARE, SHARE to show everyone just how awesome you were. Now one last thanks and its…

Peace Out

The Boxtones