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We’re all going on a summer holiday!

In the infamous words of Sir Cliff Richard, The Boxtones “are all going on a summer holiday” and it can’t come soon enough! As much as the year behind us has been a pretty epic one, it has also been full-on and it’s time to stop and smell the roses. Foreign shores are calling to us and for most, the call of home is getting louder the closer time approaches to Ramadan.  A full month of recharging our depleted batteries and filling the troughs of time with family memories and catch-ups with our favourite people across the globe is definitely in order.

So just what will we all be doing? Well alongside seeing friends and family, Gill and Will have a very important event to plan for. If you remember last year Will popped the question to our lovely lady drummer and she happily said “aye”! This summer they are accomplishing the greatest feat of all time and planning a wedding in Canada for Summer 2018. So they of course will be up to their eyeballs in skull centerpieces, black bouquets and a tattoo artist instead of a photographer no doubt! Jokes aside it will be the event of 2018 so there is a lot to consider and we fellow Boxtones wish them luck and strength in equal measures.

Now although they are busy making plans, Gill and Will still have it in their sights on doing a little driving around the beautiful greenery of Canada and her jewel in the crown: The Rocky Mountains. They are even planning a trip from Will’s home of Winnipeg to the sunny side of the country taking in Vancouver and Victoria Island for a few days. Nope we’re not jealous at all guys! Make sure the camera is charged up because those are pictures we’d love to see. 

Pat is planning a very chilled time back home in beautiful Montreal enjoying bike rides, friend’s gigs, family time and all of the opposites to our normally hectic schedule in the sandpit. Perhaps some camping and general enjoyment of his home comforts, including his favourite grub - Poutine (which he keeps reminding us is never made anywhere else as well as it is in Canada). So bon appétit Patty!

Now let’s get to Gary. Gary is off on a round the world trip and will be spending a week living with the Hill Tribe people of Thailand learning how to weave baskets and rope together bamboo trunks in to rafts. He will be hand rearing baby elephants and learning the age old craft of tribal tattooing from the locals. Oh wait, no he’s not! Nope, Gary as you all know is a workaholic and has decided to stay home AGAIN and be the Cat Grandfather. He will spend Ramadan writing our next album, supping Magners in peace and enjoying quality time with every band mates kitties. Yes that amounts to 5 cats – one per band mate if you will. This (if you know Gary) is a hilarious outcome as he generally loves a good moan about cats and our collective cats in specific! Happy cat-ing Gazza!

I on the other hand am outta here! I cannot wait. As someone who has travelled and lived all around the globe most of my adult life I generally get itchy feet all year round, never mind at the anniversary of my last trip, so I am literally counting the days. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Dubai and the I love the life out here but it’s time to change things up!  Rosie and I will be heading to London Town to visit none other than The Harry Potter Studios. This is literally the highlight of our summer, as in my house, for the last year, we have repeatedly watched each movie about a gazillion times. Christmas brought the Harry Potter collection mother load and I’m pretty sure the gift shop at the Studios will be empty by the time we walk out of there!

In addition, there are trips planned to Madame Tussauds (of course), a West End trip to see Wicked, The Shrek Experience and The London Eye phew! Then it’s up to Edinburgh for family and friend reunions before we skit off to the very stunning Naples where we plan to visit the isle of Capri, the Amalfi Coast and of course the archaeological site of Pompeii and it’s horror-inducing volcano Mount Vesuvius!

A highlight for me will be a shopping trip with the girls for some ludicrous outfits to wear when we attend the one and only concert where the infamous Studio 54 artists Gloria Gaynor, Oddyssey, The Village People, Boney M, The Weather Girls and more will perform all the greatest disco songs in their repertoire live in Falkirk Stadium! I literally cannot ask for a better event to catch up with all my favourites. Ugly photos to follow on our return.

That said, in our last blog we promised a photo of our lovely awards up in The Boxtones Studio. As we have literally just moved in to a new studio space we will have to delay that until next time, so here is a silly picture of us pretending to be removal men instead. Yes we really do do everything together…hang on…not EVERYTHING…Eww!

Now although we’ve been revealing our plans for the holidays, don’t forget that we still have a few weeks left in which you can catch us performing live. Up until the 17th of May you can catch us at the award-winning venue of Lock Stock and Barrel every Wednesday and again on Friday the 5th of May. It feels like home already and we are loving the giant LSB bottle lights behind the stage, the cool speaker wall, the amazing atmosphere and the raucous crowd joining in for every song. What a brilliant place to bang out the tunes! Come down and check it all out soon as Ramadan will be here before you know it and we’ll be gone in a puff of jet smoke!

Last up… YAY! and THANK YOU! and WOOHOO! to the news that we woke up to 100k Likes on Facebook!  What an exciting achievement and it’s all down to you guys and your clever little word of mouth! Keep on spreading the word and let’s see where we get to next.

That’s all for now,

See you at Lock Stock and Barrel soon!

Peace Out

The Boxtones