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"What a week" - The Boxtones newest blog

What a week! New gifts from our endorsers over at Shure, the anniversary of the release of our album ‘Home’, the news of another big gig on the horizon and of course the recent original gig, Party in the Park 2017!

First off and before we get in to the gigs, we want to thank our endorsers over at Shure and NMK Electronic Enterprises for supplying us with the awesome top of the line gear that we need to be able to perform professionally at these huge shows we have lined up throughout the year. Without Shure’s involvement we really would be struggling to carry out our job at the level we do, so YAY for new toys!

We recently headed over to the NMK offices to review some pretty cool Shure wireless in-ear buds and receive a couple of new toys for the boys. The in-ears are a whole new thing for Shure, as it’s the first time they’ve introduced wireless technology to their arsenal and we were definitely impressed with the quality and feature of the product. As for the boys gifts – I won’t even pretend to know enough, so here’s Will to give you a quick run down on our newest gear addition for all you tech-heads!

“Super excited to share my thoughts on the Shure Beta Guitar Pedal Wireless System (GLXD16) as one of the newest tools in The Boxtones arsenal! Now the 3 of us guys are completely wireless with Gary on lead guitar, Pat on bass and myself on keytar and there’s no stopping us from running around the festival stages in the near future! Strongly recommend anyone to get one at Melody House here in Dubai and wherever Shure products are sold around the globe – you won’t be disappointed!”

With that said, thanks again Shure - you literally ROCK!

Now moving on! We are literally only now getting over this year’s Party in The Park, a whole week later!

As always the run up to the show was a blur of rehearsals, band meetings, organising our backline, prepping our instruments, arranging our wee Scottish guest Graham on the pipes and how we were going to incorporate them in to our set, and then there were the normal stresses of what to wear and which songs to pick. It was a whole thing but an exciting one because we knew we’d be back up there in front of you all, having fun and sharing our songs.

It was a particularly stressful week for me as, in the run up, with all of the above to do, I contracted the female equivalent of Manflu! I’ll not lie – I nearly didn’t make it and was inwardly planning my will and casket, until I decided I wasn’t giving up yet and threw that blanket of Kleenex and Vicks asunder to resume bipedal life again, albeit with a portable chemist in my giant gig sack! From then on I had the fear that not a squeak would come out if I tried to sing, but thanks to my life saver- Stacey Smith and her vocal coaching wand, after a quick ten minute warm up in the artist village I was ready to rock. 

So a hearty sorry to our artist village neighbours Liam Gallagher, The Temples and The Chemical Brothers for having to listen to my “Me-me-me-me-meeeeee’s” and “Ava-Maria’s” through the walls!

As always, the gig itself was a blast and over way too quickly. We loved seeing you all enjoying the set, singing along and dancing where you sat or stood as well as the riotous cheering at the end so thanks again guys. It was definitely a great day for The Boxtones and we loved sharing our songs with you all including our newest single ‘Humanity’, which is the first song we have revealed from our next album.

As soon as we were done we cooled down from the baking sun and headed straight to the VIP area to join you all and watch The Temples, Liam and The Chemical Brothers. We hadn’t heard The Temples before but they certainly looked the part in their retro-style which definitely matched their psychedelic 70’s sound. Liam on the other hand did exactly what it says on his tin and played all the favourites, even donning his Parka complete with hood up for a few old school Oasis numbers. He was exactly what we all expected and didn’t disappoint the hardcore fans of which there were many. The entire stadium was rocking and chanting back word for word every song so ‘Some Might Say’ it was a memorable night for Dubai (sorry)!

Lastly we topped the night off dancing to some Chemical Brothers and cheers-ing new friends before staggering home and hitting the pillow a lesser human than we started off that day but shattered and exhausted and chuffed we’d made it through another epic Party in the Park!

So now that we have had that week to recuperate, what’s next?

What’s next?…What’s next?…I’ll tell you what’s next…. RUGBY freaking SEVENS, that’s what’s next y’all!

Straight from the madness of Party in the Park to the epic Insanity of the Dubai Rugby Sevens Stadium. As you know we are seasoned veterans of the Sevens here in Dubai and the excitement for this gig never wanes. We will be donning all sorts of crazy head garb and rocking our wee Scottish and Canadian Socks off at close, on the main stage on Friday the 1st of December for your pleasure. So get stage front and be prepared to lose your voice screaming and singing along with us and make sure you bring your best Sevens attire as we expect to be seeing all sorts from our perch on high! For those of you who have never attended (how?), just remember the age-old adage of ‘Go Big or Go Home”!  THAT.IS.ALL!

Finally, we wanted to acknowledge that this time last year we were releasing our album ‘Home’ and were nervous and excited as all hell, but what a ride it’s been since then and we can’t wait to get stuck in to creating the rest of our newest album. If you’re also feeling nostalgic then head over to our Vevo channel and re-watch our music videos or pull out the album and enjoy it all over again. For those of you who missed its release, don’t worry you can still find it in every Virgin Megastore across the UAE and of course on iTunes, so there’s no excuse not to know every word at our next show.

Peace out

The Boxtones