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"What a weekend" - The Boxtones newest blog

Once again the entirety of Dubai filed out of the city and in to the desert to partake in the madness that is Dubai Rugby Sevens. Despite this being our fourth year of performing at this awesome event, we never lose the enthusiasm for it and the nutters who attend. From grown men dressed as unicorns to women in Mrs. Claus outfits, the whole place was filled with costumes and craziness. It’s debatable whether enough rugby was actually being watched but then that’s never been the main point of the Sevens has it? As an audience, the Sevens crowd is unrivalled and it’s always one of our favourites. It’s noisy, crazy, energetic and utterly uninhibited. Every song is sung back, any little people are slung on shoulders and any costume prop or hat is fair game for flying up on to stage and being used by yours truly anyway we choose. So thanks to all who attended on Friday and joined in our shenanigans, it was epic as always! Here’s some pics of the madness from our view up on stage.

Now December is here and ‘Winter is Coming’! Get what we did there? Yup it was this time last year when we released our Christmas Single ‘Winter is Coming’. Christmas in Dubai is slightly different to the Scottish or Canadian version. The weather here has dipped to ‘just warm enough to wear a sweater with your flip flops’ so that’s the signal that Winter has arrived! It’s that time of year when you battle the sweats and heat by wearing jeans and boots just so you can jump on the winter vibes. I blame all of my friends and family back home posting all their wintery festive photos. I won’t lie, I love the sun but I wouldn’t mind a few weeks wrapped up in a winter coat, with boots and tights cheers’ing my buddies with a hot Fire-brew at the local Christmas market, donning woolly hats and mittens or huddled around a roaring fire in cozy sweaters wrapping gifts with the snow piling up outside. It sounds idyllic but we all know the truth is far less romantic, so flip flops and scarfs will do for now.

You can get the song right now on all digital platforms. Just click the link:

So enough of all the nostalgia. If you remember back to December 2016 when we released ‘Winter is Coming’ as a follow up to our album ‘Home’ - we invited some local school children to come and sing on the track and thought it would be a good idea to incorporate the universality of Dubai and represent some of the most common languages spoken here.  It was a fun studio session having so many kids all trying to sing in various languages from Japanese to Swahili and it all ended the way everything should…with pizza, chocolate and a dance-off to our brand new Christmassy track. 

So if you’re feeling festive watch the music video (, have a listen to the song and see if you can recognize any of those languages in the backing vocals and join us in the dance-off in your living room. I can vouch that it’s a perfect accompaniment to decorating your tree! And there’s one more thing…it’s the lead track on a very cool and festive playlist on Apple Music. Check out songs on “NOW! Get Ready For Christmas” from amazing artists such as Mariah Carey, The Killers, Pentatonix, Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra and so many more! -

Now go and get on with it….Fa la la la laa la la la laaaaa!