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​What To Expect When Your Band Gets Signed

What to expect when your band gets signed; a word from the new Universal Music MENA Signees!

First of all expect a few whoops and screams of excitement and the torturous urge to call everyone and your granny, and secondly try to forget that bill for a few thousand dirhams on that giant bottle of celebratory bubbly on the evening of the signing because you won’t forget the headache it induced the next day!

Those would be our first pieces of advice, but most importantly be ready for the anticipation to get the notepads out. That urge to put together some meaningful lyrics, the creative time to wrack up a bunch of catchy but clever tunes and the addiction of time well spent in the studio all piecing together your knowledge and inspiration in to your newest creation. The thing all musicians work for; that first album under a major label and one that you can be proud of!

Now that the news is out and we are not sitting on an egg about to crack any day, we can continue with our creative beanies on and really get down to business.  There’s no bigger inspiration to get writing than knowing we have the clout of Universal Music at our back and we are bursting with excitement to see what this push will make of us.

The culmination of last year’s hard work and the amazing gigs we were able to play at really made us question what 2015 was hiding from us. We had some pretty awesome shows last year including the F1 after parties,  just before The Who and Pharrell Williams and of course Beats on the Beach, opening for Jason Derulo, Party in the Park with Lily Allen and Richard Ashcroft, Middle East Film & Comic Con and of course Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens.  We were like kids in a candy shop at every one of them. They were tough to beat as far as local shows go, but this partnership with Universal music has us champing at the bit for the year ahead.

Thanks for all your amazing support for The Boxtones, we owe this signing not only to our hard work and determination but to the effort from our friends and fans in getting behind us and local music in general. As the first International rock band to be signed by Universal Music MENA we hope that with our efforts, the door will be firmly wedged open for the amazing local acts of the U.A.E to burst through and showcase their amazing talents internationally as well as locally.

Watch this Space!