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Work Hard, Play Hard

Call it short sighted, but many people think that a band’s sole responsibility is to perform tunes, drink the shots they’re bought and sleep all day long until the next gig...then rinse and repeat! OK maybe they give us credit for a couple of rehearsals and a bit of gear set up.

To me it’s a bit like when you were a kid and you went to the supermarket with your mum. You would be sent off for cereal, only to reach for the last box of Cheerios and then turn to see your teacher standing there, eyeing up the boxed breakfast options at your side. The entire world would spin on it’s axis as you suddenly realized that they existed beyond the classroom, had clothes other than school ones and, shock of all shocks, they actually ate Crunchy Nut Cornflakes – probably in their own kitchen and with their own family!

Well folks we are here to blow your mind much in the same way. We too eat cereal on occasion and likewise we do have work…dun dun dunnnnn…during the day! Don't we all look a little shocked? Haha

I hope you were sitting down for that. Now just to add a dollop of pity in to the equation, these day jobs are made all the more difficult due to the fact that we are admittedly feeling the sores of a late night gig the night before and a husky phone voice from excessive bullying you lot to “sing” and then again “louder”!

Contrary to popular belief from Sunday through to Thursday we are plopped in front of our computers day in and day out contacting clients which requires us to take meetings for future gigs, finalizing quotes, writing, mixing and writing original tunes, checking out venues and gear riders, formulating social media schedules and campaigns, editing gig footage, photos and graphics for promo and just generally warming up and setting up for shows...and that’s all before we come face to face with your smiley chops at the next venue. Like a boss...

Who said Rock ‘n’ Roll was easy? But don’t feel too sorry for us…

Despite juggling a day and night job in tandem, we are happy to say that all of our hard work does pay off massively, and as a labour of love we are always excited for the next pay off whether it’s hearing you all singing back a new tune for one of our local bar gigs or stepping out in front of 30,000 screaming faces at a larger show. The feeling is always the same. 

We love what we do!