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While international artists like U2, Metallica, Oasis are known worldwide and have a crazy fan following with fans purchasing even their oldest albums every passing day, some of us tend to forget our very own local artists and promote our very own music scene. Considering the almost non-existent local scene a few years ago, the metamorphosis has been more or less overwhelming with more and more local bands bringing fresh music to the table. Here we list for you some killer local bands to emerge out of UAE you should definitely check out!

The Boxtones:  This band has been fortunate enough to share stage with the likes of The Who and Pharrell Williams; all thanks to their tightness and go knows how many hours of practice as a band. In 2015 they were awarded as the best local band by Hype magazine. In Feb 2015, The Boxtones signed a record deal with Universal Music Group Middle East. They have also recorded an album and have shot a professional video for one of their songs. They are definitely work checking out!

One more thing; for some reason their official website looks supercool :)

Here, check it out - The Boxtones