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Cosmopolitan Middle East Magazine

Cosmopolitan ME - October 2012 - Page 40

Chicks that rock!

Get a glimpse into the lives of the region's hottest female musicians as they show us what it takes to live life in the limelight. (Be prepared to be inspired - we recommend playing your favourite track and getting your hairbrush microphone ready... NOW!)

Gill Tierney

29, drummer for The Boxtones

"My dad had been given a drum kit for Christmas one year and had never gotten around to using it, so when I was ten, I decided to have a go and I've not looked back since. I was 17 when I started travelling and playing music for a living and getting paid to do what I love is the best thing in the world! My brother plays the guitar and we started out in our own band in Bahrain before moving back to the UK to gig, and then in early 2007 we formed The Boxtones in Edinburgh. We've been travelling ever since and are now the resident band at the Nell Gwynne pub in the Dubai Marina. We play six nights a week and even though we're working after everyone else has finished for the day, I love it. You have to be prepared to work hard and play hard in this business! As well as that, being patient, confident, having the discipline to practice (a lot!) and the support of those closest to me have been so important. Being a drummer, most of my inspiration comes from the world of rock. Guys like Dave Grohl and Carter Beauford are great, but I don't aspire to be them.  I'm inspired to be just as great - minus the testosterone!"