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Hype Magazine Feature with Gary Tierney

OUT OF THIS WORLD - Can The Boxtones' UFO track of the distance?

HEADS UP - Local band The Boxtones have made it to the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition, after their UFO track was selected from more than 18,500 songs submitted from all all over the world. As semi-finalists, the band is in the top ten per cent of all entries.

UFO was written by Gary Tierney, The Boxtones' lead guitarist and vocalist, although he says he'd "honestly forgotten I'd even submitted anything!" Gary added: "We've all been so busy working on the new album, working on a music video, getting the tour ready and gigging all over the region, so when i got notification that we were in the semi-finals, I was surprised - in a good way, of course."

Gary wrote the track after imagining "a story about an alien who landed on Earth disguised as a human. She'd chat people up, lure them to her ship and abduct them. I was one of her victims, but instead of being abducted, we fell in love and travelled the universe together. So pretty straightforward stuff, really!"

Gary and his bandmates will find out later this month if UFO has made it to the final stages of the comp. If it makes the cut it'll be sent on to the final judging panel, which this year includes Tom Waits, Lorde and Moby, as well as music execs and label bosses.

Of course, The Boxtones are too busy to just sit around waiting on more new. They're hard at work on their new album, which Gary claims is "almost finished". It'll be released on eager ears before Ramadan. "We've been out of the public eye for at least six months now, working on the new record," said Gary. "It's sounding cracking and we can't wait to let everyone hear it."