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Infusion Magazine: The Boxtones 'Calling All Heroes" Campaign

We at Infusion wanted to get inside the minds of the creators of this heartfelt project – none other than some of our favourite peeps in the biz, The Boxtones!

Say hello to Louise, vocalist extraordinaire and the one responsible for coming up with the idea!

1. So what’s the story behind the #ThankYouHeroes movement? How did this video project start with the band?

We have a band meeting each week and I said to the guys that I felt strongly that we should be doing something to praise the essential workers. We have seen a lot of inspiring displays of humanity throughout this horrible time in immediate history. There has been morale-boosting singing on balconies in Italy, Spanish Police dancing in the streets for those with nothing but a window to link them to other human beings and the Nationwide 8pm ‘Clap For Our Carers’ to show support for the NHS in the UK. We wanted to be part of that positivity. We wanted to show our immense appreciation to the incredibly brave essential workers all over the world who are literally risking their lives for the safety of strangers, and the only way we know how is through music.

I thought our song “No Ordinary Hero” from our album ‘Home’ was the perfect fit. There are everyday people working in supermarkets, cleaning public places, holding down the law and of course the medical staff from porters to doctors bringing infectious people back from the brink of death whilst at the same time risking their own lives. Those people are no ordinary heroes. They deserve all the support we can give. So please stay home everyone! The idea was to give a face to those heroes by asking the public to send in any photos of those they knew who were out there selflessly giving their all. Gary collated them in to a video, then Will, Jean and I re-recorded the song with a slightly different vibe from the album version and then we sent it out as an homage not only to those nominated but to all essential workers all across the world.

2. What challenges did you face putting this campaign together?

The challenges we faced were few to be honest.  The entire project was all about ‘thanks’ and we wanted that to be the overriding message. The heroes nominated were the most important part, so if anything we relied heavily upon the public to provide us with the faces we could thank personally in the video.  We had so many entries and sadly we had even more arrive after the deadline once the video was completed, so that was hard because when you do a project like this you want to thank as many people as you can. Gary definitely had the hardest job. He collated all of those pictures into a cohesive video, had to re-record my singing, put together Will’s piano part and Jean’s bass lines, edit the audio and then seamlessly meld it all together on a strict timeline as we wanted to get it out as quickly as possible.

3. What feedback have you had from the release?

The feedback has been amazing. We have had so many messages from people telling us they have been reduced to tears watching the video – which just goes to show the heart everyone is showing right now. I think we are all a little fragile due to the strange world we have found ourselves in and so the gratitude for our heroes is huge and overwhelming. So many people have shared the song all across their social media as an ode to their loved ones who are still having to step outside the safety of their doors to face Covid-19 for the good of others. So if you have a hero in your life, then feel free to share our video so that they can feel the gratitude we all have. We’re happy to have created something that people can use to show their appreciation to all of our heroes when we can’t even give them a big hug right now.

4. Can we expect more projects from The Boxtones in isolation?

We have decided to utilize all this time at home by creating a weekly isolation video (which you can subscribe to on The Boxtones new YouTube channel and we are in the workings of co-creating a live online acoustic festival soon too. And of course, in the background we are still slogging away writing a new album. We are trying to be productive so that once the world rights itself again we can pop out of isolation ready to pick up our instruments and get people dancing, singing and having fun again!

We at Infusion wish you all the success in the world! Now for you readers at home, do the band a solid and watch their frontline workers appreciation video – let’s get it out to as many deserving heroes as possible!