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The Boxtones Interview with and Primacoustic


UAE: Dubai-based band The Boxtones have equipped their new recording area with Broadway acoustic panels from Primacoustic. Supplied by local Primacoustic dealer, Melody House, the panels have helped the band to transform an apartment-based home studio into a serious recording facility.

Currently signed with Universal Music MENA, The Boxtones originally hail from Scotland and Canada but are now based in Dubai. The members decided to create the home studio whilst working on their new album, but were immediately met with the acoustic challenges of recording in an apartment – not only was it important to ensure the neighbours didn’t complain, they also had to limit ambient noise sneaking onto their recordings. The solution comprised the installation of a London 12 room kit, plus a FlexiBooth vocal booth and a Nimbus acoustic cloud.

‘I use the Primacoustic panels extensively for all kinds of applications,’ explained Gary Tierney, managing director and owner of The Boxtones FZE. ‘We installed the vocal booth on one wall, with a shelf over it, and vocal traps on the opposite wall. We then installed bass traps on the corners, and panels around the room to dampen the echo and create a much more solid audio environment. We carpeted the room, bought non reflective curtains for the one window, and installed a large curtain over the back wall separating the studio from the rest of the apartment.’

He added, ‘I would definitely recommend Primacoustic panels. The difference with just a London room kit setup is amazing. When we build our control room, and actually turn the whole apartment into a recording studio, we will be getting more Primacoustic products for sure.’ The Boxtones are in the process of recording their debut album due for release early 2016 through Universal Music MENA.