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The National Newspaper, UAE


National - November 19th 2014

Weird and wonderful F1 celeb demands

It is one of the music industry’s not-so-hidden secrets: the concert rider. This contract, part of an overall legal agreement a concert promoter enters into with a touring artist, is often rich in telling details about the artist’s tastes – not to mention ego.

They can become the stuff of legend – remember J-Lo’s demand for an all-white dressing room?

Although they are supposed to be confidential – Flash Entertainment did not respond to our requests for information about this year’s batch – the details are often leaked.

The Boxtones, Beats on The Beach, Friday.

And then there are the local bands, whose requests are a little more down-to-earth. “To be honest with you, if they provide us some chairs in the back in order for us to sit, we are happy,” said The Boxtones’ guitarist and vocalist Gary Tierney. “But our biggest challenge is ensuring our technical rider is met. That means making sure all the gear we need and that is agreed upon on is there on stage. We don’t want a situation where there is a drum kit missing on stage.” While he doesn’t envisage the band ever making diva demands such as “only blue M&M’s or bottles of Evian water”, Tierney says he understands the reasons behind the more outlandish requests. “When you are on tour you are kind of isolated,” he says. “You are constantly performing, doing interviews and speaking to managers. The only downtime you have is in your backstage room. That’s the musician’s world, so I guess they want to make it as comfortable as they can.”