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What's On Dubai Magazine Interview with The Boxtones

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You'll have seen Dubai's very own rockers The Boxtones energetically pumping out covers at countless festivals and parties over the years, and the good news is they're now doing more of their own thing.

They've just launched the first single from their brand new album: the five-piece worked with Universal Music MENA to launch the rousing and stompy Against The Odds, which you can find online now ( A second single - the name of which is still under wraps - is slated for release on October 21st.

This is all before their album Home goes live on iTunes in November (Dhs29.99). It's their first official album, after their self-produced record In The Pockets Of Clowns came out in 2014. All of this comes only three years since the Scottish-Canadian group began rocking the Dubai scene. In that time they've supported huge names, including the Stereophonics, Jason Derulo, The Who and Pharrell Williams, as well as playing some of Dubai's biggest events - the Rugby Sevens and Comic Con.

***Five minutes with...Gary Tierney, The Boxtones' guitarist, singer and songwriter***

How did you all meet?

Gill (drums), Louise (vocals) and I started The Boxtones in Scotland ages ago and performed all over the world. We stole Will (keys) from Bahrain and found Pat (bass) in Abu Dhabi, before settling in Dubai.

How have your styles all blended?

Gill and I were in bands before, which were more alternative rock. Louise is from a pro-singing background, Will has a metal and classical background, while Pat has roots in punk. Combine all that and get The Boxtones.

You have a new album Home. Is it very different to your first?

Our first album, In The Pockets Of Clowns, was an experiment. It was a collection of old material Gill and I had written years before. We recorded it with our laptops, and I mixed it. It wasn't perfect, but it was to see if we could work on our own material. Compared to our new album, it really sounds like demos. Home sounds amazing and we can't wait to share it.

When can we hear more from it?

Our second single comes out October 21st and features a pretty big regional celebrity.

What are the best bits about gigging in Dubai?

Dubai is a great place to be a live band: there are more venues opening up and events planned every year. The 117Live guys and their venue Autism Rocks Arena is doing a lot for the region, and the Media City Amphitheatre is still busy each year with festivals.

What's next for the band?

We have a ton of gigs, some big announcements to make, will be supporting major international acts, there's the new album, and radio and TV spots - the list goes on. But what we're really looking forward to is the feedback from the fans on the new album. We can't wait to hear what everyone thinks.