Flash Entertainment Testimony

Having dealt with more than my fair share of musicians in my career I feel I am in a great position to talk about the Boxtones, not just musically but professionally.

Having met the Boxtones what seems like a very long time ago I was incredibly impressed by their energy and their dreams. Not only have they relentlessly pursued them, they are achieving them, one by one. The Boxtone family are unique, they have a bond that is spectacular to witness and are as much fun off stage as they are on. Musically they continue to surprise me with their original tracks that are heartfelt, fun and incredibly clever which makes it very easy to recommend them to the International Artists who come to Abu Dhabi, to have as an opening act. They have the rare ability to hold your attention the very first time you hear their original tracks, as opposed to covers, which any support / opening band will tell you, can be hard. The audience is not always there to see you, and watching a crowd respond to the band regardless is amazing.  This is why I love having them in the arena as I can rely on them to create an atmosphere, and ensure everyone is having a great time. They are versatile, and quick to adapt to my needs, which is essential when you have other artists to think about. From acoustic paired back shows to the full bouncing monty they can deliver what is needed.

They also are not divas, that may sound like a small point to make, but it’s huge. If I ask for a cover track thrown into an originals set, they oblige without question. If I need them to go on late, add an extra song, cut it short, they oblige. This is quite the headache removal, and one of the many reasons I am not only a fan of the band but of the people themselves. They build relationships, they are willing to work with me, not for me, which is essential when putting on shows. If everyone is on the same page, everyone is happy, including the audience.

All in all I am a huge fan of this Band, their bond, their music and their drive to succeed.  I wish them all the luck in the world and have no doubt that one day I will be hoping to book them in the arena and discussing with them who their opening act will be. In the meantime I will be working with them as much as possible because it’s a delight to do so.

Maxine Redding

Flash Entertainment